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ams - aLL mY sUPPORT 1.0 details

 ams - aLL mY sUPPORT 1.0 details
  Perl, MySQL
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 ams - aLL mY sUPPORT description

The script will help you to handle requests from users of your homepage. There are lots of features such as:<br> - get messages from a pop3 account and store them in a database<br> - users can add messages directly via form<br> - every message has its unique ticket id<br> - corresponding ticket id is retrieved automatically and can be added manually<br> - you can answer requests, simply store them with a comment, forward them to other users with a comment or set them as junk<br> - research in old messages<br> - statistics per user/type of messages user/rating<br> - personal header and footer for every user<br> - standard replies for all users<br> - generate a public FAQ for visitors where you can modify the messages and select which one should be displayed<br> - original messages are always kept in a textfile<br>

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