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Reverse Billed SMS Software 3.0 details

 Reverse Billed SMS Software 3.0 details
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 Reverse Billed SMS Software description

Reverse billed sms software. This download forms the basis of a very powerful sms application aimed at the creation of revenue for the user. The software is available as a free download as an example of how the application works. All sms capability is disabled. The software is formed around MySql and php, and allows users to create their own accounts based around categories allowed by the administrator. Examples of use are classifieds advertising, recruitment, dating, members only applications, etc. There is functionality to allow users to send reverse billed sms to other users, and admin to send to all or selected users. Admin functions to create categories, customise look and feel, logos, heading, etc. Contact authenticated users either by email or sms. User functions to add listings / information to categories, upload images to listings, edit, add or delete listings. Make multiple entries, etc. note: Full sms access requires the creation of an account

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