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A collection of two PHP functions that will generate a countdown to any date and display it in either predefined formats or your on format.
Developer: Nathan Bolender Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2006-01-08 Hits13596 [Download] [Visit]
Create customized countdowns for any occasion with Tizag PHP Countdown Creator. Customize the text size, position, color, dropshadow, and more! This application currently supports jpg, jpeg, gif, and png images.
Developer: tizag.com Platform: Date upd:2006-05-05 Hits8131 [Visit]
An easy to use Countdown Calendar. Just provide a date to countdown to, it displays the time left in days, hours and minutes. Usage: include 'countdown.php'; countdown(year,month,day,hour,minute);
Developer: elouai.com Platform: All (Php) Date upd:2004-05-11 Hits7777 [Visit]
The form is already set, simply enter your specific time and go! Find the exact days, hours and minutes to a specific event. Very accurate.
Developer: ibzi Platform: Date upd:2005-05-31 Hits6735 [Visit]
The Pregnancy Script is meant to allow pregnant women to provide automatic weekly pregnancy updates right on their websites. The script announces a pregnancy, tells the name and gender (if specified) of the baby, counts the weeks of the pregnancy and the days until
Developer: Michelle Potter Platform: Date upd:2004-09-05 Hits6356 [Download] [Visit]
If you love simple, or just like to have some more Flash on your site, then this is the option. Sure, it's not the best, and it's not the most original, but who cares. It's 100% customized anyway. Documentation inside the file. Online with
Developer: Gary Kertopermono Platform: Date upd:2005-05-22 Hits6044 [Download] [Visit]
This is a very simple countdown script that is very easy to customize and will countdown to any spacific event you set.
Developer: Mike Braid Platform: linux, windows, freebsd Date upd:2006-10-02 Hits5629 [Download] [Visit]
This script requires a webserver that has GD already enabled and you can have your own PHP GD countdown! Visit BizzarScripts.net for an example of what it can do. You can change the variables to select a date, as well as change the background
Developer: Brad Derstine ( aka Bizzar ) Platform: Date upd:2007-01-25 Hits5450 [Download] [Visit]
Very easy to configure and include into any .php page, setup and ready in 2 minutes. You can choose to output your countdown in days, hours, minutes or seconds.
Developer: Platform: linux, windows Date upd:2006-03-20 Hits5333 [Visit]
Place an unlimited amount of countdown timers on your website with just one script. There are 2 files you need to upload. One is the script itself, the other one is a setup file in which you setup how the timer will appear on
Developer: LI-Scripts Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, sun Date upd:2006-09-03 Hits4754 [Download] [Visit]
It allows you to set a certain date and when that date is reached it pops up a message. Planet K used it for a new year countdown and on the 31st of December at 12 o'clock GMT is poped up and said "HAPPY
Developer: Planet K Platform: windows Date upd:2005-09-13 Hits4402 [Download] [Visit]
Eventive is similar to a shoutbox, only, instead of entering a message users enter an event and the script then displays how long is remaining until that event on the page the script is on (designed to be viewed in a iframe), It is
Developer: andrew-w.co.uk Platform: Date upd:2004-05-11 Hits4229 [Download] [Visit]
This script counts down to an event and performs an action on reaching it. It can also count down to an interval, performing some action only during (or only outside) this interval. For instance: display certain text during the month March, or during all
Developer: TheXL Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2006-09-25 Hits3048 [Download] [Visit]
Simple script where you set the time and date of an event and you will get the number of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years left till that event. Time to install the script: 30sec + upload :)
Developer: Lukaslo Platform: linux Date upd:2006-08-03 Hits3010 [Visit]
Micro CountDown is a small PHP script which countdown to any date you defines. Easy to install and setup and has a nice CSS based layout.
Developer: PhpToys Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2007-03-14 Hits1998 [Download] [Visit]
Office Fitness Timer is a free tool you can add to your web site that will help your visitors stay fit at work. It is a javascript timer that will start flashing when a pre-set time is completed, so visitors can see it from
Developer: Platform: linux, windows Date upd:2006-05-09 Hits1516 [Download] [Visit]
It is a simple project, a php script that countdowns a date. The script doesen`t requires any database and it can be used in any ways, for example to countdown a birthday date, the new year. It`s easy to integrate the script into your
Developer: undoweb media Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2007-02-28 Hits1419 [Visit]
Displays years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds until a specified date and optionally time. You can set the detail for each countdown (don't show seconds, minutes, etc.).
Developer: Bayshore Media Platform: Date upd:2007-06-04 Hits174 [Visit]
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