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Add some fun to your mouse cursor with this cross-browser trail script. Updated with several important features: 1) Script now functional in NS6. 2) User can specify explicit offset of trail from mouse cursor, preventing trailer from potentially interfering with links on the page.
Developer: dynamicdrive.com Platform: Date upd:2003-01-06 Hits24353 [Visit]
This JavaScript changes menu images when you place your mouse over the specified images. It works for Netscape 3.0x or greater.
Developer: essex1.com Platform: Date upd:2000-01-04 Hits22307 [Visit]
Make the cursor on your page the center of attention for once, with this script. It renders minute glowing particles that revolve the cursor in a 3D, circular trajectory, like in a magic wand. Mesmerizing!
Developer: dynamicdrive.com Platform: Date upd:2000-06-13 Hits21100 [Visit]
This straightforward, easy script and quick-take mini-tutorial shows how to reliably capture the mouse X and Y positions, dynamically, in NS4-6 and IE4-6. Also shows how to display positional values in form fields.
Developer: codelifter.com Platform: Date upd:2004-03-05 Hits16238 [Visit]
This JavaScript example shows how to create a "dynamic" updated field on the page. The updated field happens to be a table in this example, and the background is shown to show you it's entire field. Netscape requires that the size of the field
Developer: js-examples.com Platform: Date upd:2001-02-23 Hits15859 [Visit]
This tool will generate a Double JavaScript MouseOver script that you can copy and paste in to your HTML documents. With this script, and four images, you can create an amazing rollover effect. All images must be the same size and in GIF format.
Developer: WebPage-Tools.com Platform: Date upd:2000-03-09 Hits14437 [Visit]
SlideBall is a DHTML script that implements a sliding ball effect. It slides a ball over a link when a cursor is placed. Click on the link to make the ball stay at the link.
Developer: dhtmlcentral.com Platform: NS4+, IE4+ Date upd:2000-12-14 Hits12445 [Visit]
This randomly picks a string to use and places that string on the form button. This runs on a mouseover event, so that everytime the user places the mouse over the button it's text will change.
Developer: js-examples.com Platform: Date upd:2000-12-13 Hits11165 [Visit]
This JavaScript example demosnstrates how to create small little squares that follow and rotate around the mouse position.
Developer: js-examples.com Platform: Date upd:2000-12-18 Hits10434 [Visit]
Starting in IE6, for the first time ever, you can specify your own image for the browser to use as the cursor. The image will replace the default "arrow" one. This script uses CSS to allow you to customize your page's cursor in IE6+.
Developer: dynamicdrive.com Platform: Date upd:2002-01-22 Hits9847 [Visit]
A "comet" mouse trail script that's non intrusive- yet visually impressive. Very cool effect for your site.
Developer: dynamicdrive.com Platform: Date upd:2001-08-28 Hits9307 [Visit]
Implementing drag and drop functionality is not as simple as one would think. Besides having to do a boundary check on all the draggable layers, you also have to make sure that the right layer is selected when overlapping occurs. By combining a subset
Developer: Francisco Charrua Platform: Date upd:2005-04-17 Hits8712 [Visit]
This form will generate a JavaScript MouseOver script that you can copy and paste in to your HTML documents. With this script, and two images, you can create MouseOver buttons. Both images must be the same size and in GIF format. The images should
Developer: WebPage-Tools.com Platform: Date upd:2000-03-07 Hits8442 [Visit]
Tigra Tables is JavaScript applet creating nice client-side visual effects for HTML tables making them easier to read.
Developer: softcomplex.com Platform: All Date upd:2003-08-28 Hits8327 [Visit]
Spread the love on your site with this kissing trail script. It plants big kisses behind your mouse as it moves, each disappearing only after a noticeable delay. This is a good script to utilize during special occasions, such as Valentines.
Developer: dynamicdrive.com Platform: Date upd:2002-02-04 Hits8064 [Visit]
An alien "caterpillar" tracks your mouse cursor across your web page. This script was originally developed to simulate the Sentinals or "Squidies" from The Matrix. Given the right images it can achieve that affect. However, in order to avoid copyright infringement this script is
Developer: javascript-fx.com Platform: IE4+, NS4+, NS6+ Date upd:2004-03-05 Hits8052 [Visit]
This script makes 'fairy dust' drift from your mouse each time you move it around the screen. It's great for kids web-sites and adds a touch of magic. The effect is similar to the 'magic sparkles' that appear when most cartoon fairies (such as
Developer: RV Platform: windows Date upd:2006-01-13 Hits8051 [Download] [Visit]
Use this script to launch a popup window whenever the right mouse button is clicked. Useful for limited protection of page code and images; and the popup window can contain whatever fulmination on human morals you wish to deliver.
Developer: codelifter.com Platform: Date upd:2004-03-05 Hits7920 [Visit]
This JavaScript displays different content for different links on the same area, dynamically. You can display any content in the area. This version (v 2.0) supports IE, NS4, NS6.
Developer: geocities.com Platform: Date upd:2002-05-14 Hits7215 [Visit]
Add a touch of Christmas to your website with this sweet little DHTML animation. Very easy configuration. Choose among three different animations. IE 5x/6x, NS 4x/6x/7x.
Developer: 24fun.com Platform: Win 98, ME, NT, XP, IE5x/6x, NS4x/6x/7x Date upd:2003-11-21 Hits7094 [Visit]
Use this script to add a simple image trail to your webpage. A single image follows the mouse around, and is configurable in several useful ways.
Developer: javascriptkit.com Platform: Date upd:2003-06-09 Hits6849 [Visit]
CodeThatHint is a javascript widget providing the functionality of the tool tip (hint) control. It is represented by the box with the text note, image and any other HTML content and usually displayed in response to the user action (mouse movement, click). The note
Developer: CodeThat.Com Platform: linux, windows Date upd:2005-06-16 Hits6234 [Download] [Visit]
This script displays a sinus text effect on the cursor. The script includes a HTML code generator that allows to change parameters without any knowledge of JavaScript and HTML programming.
Developer: dseffects.com Platform: Date upd:2003-11-13 Hits5975 [Download] [Visit]
A memorable experience for Internet Explorer users who right-click on your page -- this script opens a popup that flies around the screen, screaming. Worse, you cannot shut the screamer up without following a specific instruction. (Default behavior for non-IE browsers also included.) Very
Developer: fffast.com Platform: All Date upd:2004-08-12 Hits5729 [Visit]
Disable click and drag mouse actions on your web pages. Very simple to use, just one script to cut and paste into your pages. Stops other online users from clicking and dragging any element of your site., i.e. dragging an image to their desktop
Developer: HTMLBlock.co.uk Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2005-10-25 Hits4854 [Download] [Visit]
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