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A simple JavaScript code that shakes the windows upon mouseover a button. When clicked, it shows an alert message.
Developer: aptech5.tripod.com Platform: Date upd:2007-10-03 Hits2363 [Visit]
This JavaScript takes the image substitution idea one step further to produce a toolbar in which the buttons change appearance in response to mouse movement or actions, and explanatory text appears in a little 'LCD-look' panel. Upon clicking a button link, it sends users
Developer: raingod.com Platform: Date upd:1999-09-28 Hits17738 [Visit]
Add more meaning to your text links with this tooltip script. A dynamic box pops up alongside the link as the mouse moves over it, providing textual information.
Developer: wsabstract.com Platform: Date upd:2001-07-10 Hits15409 [Visit]
Use this wizard to create stylish form scrolling text boxes. Specify the color, font face, border width and color, size, and style.
Developer: cgiscript.net Platform: Date upd:2001-06-02 Hits14689 [Visit]
These buttons let you generate appealing menus with impressive mouseover and color-fade effects. You can choose between 12 killer fade animations, configure colors, fonts, sounds, background to achieve an infinite variety of different menu appearances and behaviours. Animated Buttons Two have additionally a nice
Developer: Apycom Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2007-03-29 Hits12899 [Download] [Visit]
Website Buttons is a fast loading script that allows you create attractive menus and buttons, without the need for separate graphics files. Web developers can change colors, fonts, icons, sounds, background and configure the buttons to adopt entirely different appearances. The buttons support javascript
Developer: Apycom Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2007-03-29 Hits12046 [Download] [Visit]
This script implements the Back and Forward buttons. These buttons work exactly the same as the Back and Forward buttons from your browser.
Developer: geocities.com Platform: Independent Date upd:1999-08-22 Hits11072 [Visit]
This JavaScript animates an information image as part of a navigation control panel. When the user moves the pointer over a image link, information appears as part of an onscreen graphic.
Developer: raingod.com Platform: Date upd:1999-09-28 Hits9913 [Visit]
This is an optimized script to print pages with a simple click in a button.
Developer: script-masters.com Platform: Date upd:2001-10-08 Hits9797 [Visit]
DOM Tooltip allows developers to have dynamic and configurable tooltips on HTML pages. This library supports Mozilla/Netscape6+, IE 5+, Konqueror and Opera 7. The tooltips are configured through three class definitions in a stylesheet, and consist of two parts, the caption and the content.
Developer: Dan Allen Platform: Date upd:2006-10-20 Hits9637 [Download] [Visit]
A JavaScript to disable the status bar message from appearing on all links, indiscriminately.
Developer: wsabstract.com Platform: Date upd:2001-09-19 Hits9080 [Visit]
This cut-and-paste script creates a link that cycles through three colors. Features include settable blink rate; settable blink colors; settable no-blink color; and on/off control via links (optional). A simple function call can also make the link either start blinking when clicked, or stop
Developer: codelifter.com Platform: Date upd:2004-03-05 Hits8177 [Visit]
This short, simple, cut-and-paste script opens the Set Homepage dialogue in IE 5 and later browsers, letting your visitors set your page as their homepage. Uses IE5 conditional comments so that the link does not show in browsers that do not support this feature.
Developer: codelifter.com Platform: Date upd:2004-03-05 Hits8029 [Visit]
Using this JavaScript, you can call on the functions Back, Forward, and Reload from within your webpage.
Developer: sbrady.com Platform: Independent Date upd:1999-12-07 Hits7489 [Visit]
This free script lets you save valuable screen space by placing your links and buttons into a collapsible menu that will always reposition itself in the top left corner of the browser window. Collapsed it looks like a vertical tab. Click it - and
Developer: flooble.com Platform: Mozilla/IE/Netscape Date upd:2003-10-16 Hits7379 [Download] [Visit]
With XP Web Buttons you don't need to create separate graphics files for every mouse event. Simply change the buttons type and color parameter to fit any XP theme. XP Web Buttons are very flexible, allowing you to configure fonts, sounds, icons, background, and
Developer: Apycom Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2007-04-02 Hits7329 [Download] [Visit]
Save yourself all the trouble of building those "back to top" links all over your page and have a floating version instead. When your page is scrolled the link appears and it's always at the bottom of the browser window and always links to
Developer: MaxxBlade Platform: Date upd:2005-03-03 Hits6927 [Download] [Visit]
Pops up a new page with all the links that are available on your current page. This is useful if you want to show the visitor a quick summary of all the links you offer, or to help them jump to the next page
Developer: javascript.internet.com Platform: Date upd:1999-08-10 Hits6871 [Visit]
This JavaScript allows you to hide the status bar message from appearing when the mouse moves over certain links.
Developer: wsabstract.com Platform: Date upd:2001-09-19 Hits6632 [Visit]
Add fancy effects to your navigation with this simple script. Transitions only work in Internet Explorer but normal hovers work in all the newer browsers. Using this script will use the IE transition feature but it won't break the normal hover functions of other
Developer: webdevtips.com Platform: IE5+ other v4+ Date upd:2004-07-23 Hits6345 [Download] [Visit]
An attractive "news bar" script. Messages are automatically rotated and displayed, with the ability to manually cycle back and forth through them. This script is created entirely using form buttons.
Developer: dynamicdrive.com Platform: Date upd:2002-03-13 Hits5760 [Visit]
This really simple paste-it-in script allows you to quickly add a 'Make This Page Your Start Page' dialog to IE5+ browsers. It provides an easy way to add a link that pops a dialog box, allowing the site visitor to make your page their
Developer: codebrain.com Platform: All Date upd:2004-03-05 Hits5718 [Download] [Visit]
Stretch Menu creates menus with a fun elastic-like effect. The item text stretches when you point at it and shrinks on mouseout. The script supports colors, fonts, tiled image background, target frames, javascript, and sound.
Developer: Apycom Software Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2007-04-19 Hits5617 [Download] [Visit]
This is a Web-based wizard for creating stylish form buttons. Allows you to specify the color, font face, border width and color, size, and style.
Developer: cgiscript.net Platform: Date upd:2001-05-24 Hits5565 [Visit]
This easy-to-install script allows your links to fade from one colour to another (both of which you specify) when the mouse hovers over any link on the page, and back to the original colour "onmouseout". Works in almost all browsers - Netscape6/Mozilla/IE/Opera (except Netscape4)
Developer: design64.net Platform: Date upd:2002-05-02 Hits5541 [Visit]
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