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CodeThatCalendar enables you easily add the date/time picker to your form or page. Popup and inline versions of calendar are supported. CSS and visual effects support. On-line builder, forum and complete documentation.
Developer: CodeThat.Com Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2006-01-25 Hits70201 [Download] [Visit]
Popup or flat calendar for selecting date/time. Can show week numbers. The look is fully customizable by CSS. It can dynamically change month/year and first day of week (any day can be it). You can also select month/year from drop-down menus. Several state-of-the-art color
Developer: dynarch.com Platform: MSIE 5.0+, Mozilla, NS 6.0+, Opera 7, Safari, Konq Date upd:2004-03-22 Hits67045 [Download] [Visit]
smartCalendar is just a neat DHMTL calendar. Driven by style sheet so highly customizable. Can also restict dates entered very easily too. Custom formats of date also available.
Developer: totallysmartit.com Platform: IE4+, NS4+, NS6+ Date upd:2001-12-18 Hits29915 [Visit]
Provided in free and commercial versions, the Zapatec Javascript Calendar acts as either a calendar showing events or a date picker. Users can pick a date from a popup or flat (in the page) calendar. The calendar package includes a wizard that makes it
Developer: Zapatec Inc. Platform: Date upd:2007-03-18 Hits29272 [Download] [Visit]
Tigra Calendar - Timestamp Picker is a cross browser JavaScript that makes it easy for your visitors to fill out the date/time field(s) of your form, by selecting the date from a popup calendar. Available in many flavors. Calendar is robust, intuitive and easy
Developer: softcomplex.com Platform: All Date upd:2003-08-28 Hits25575 [Visit]
Make it easy for your visitors to fill out the date/time field(s) on your forms, by selecting this info from an attractive popup calendar.
Developer: javascriptkit.com Platform: Date upd:2003-06-09 Hits23779 [Visit]
Create a JavaScript calendar for your web site with this customizable calendar creator. You chose the colors. Easy copy and paste, and preview the calendar before you save it.
Developer: WebPage-Tools.com Platform: Date upd:2000-03-08 Hits21828 [Visit]
The Date Picker object is the ideal popup calendar solution for the web. You can create attractive calendar controls quickly, easily and with no effort and be assured of deploying a quality product. The date picker provides your users with an elegant control that
Developer: Kerberos Internet Services CC Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2006-08-22 Hits20547 [Visit]
This calendar is crossbrowser. It supports different date formats, and you can use it for both standard text inputs and select boxes.
Developer: Alf Magne Kalleland Platform: linux, windows, freebsd Date upd:2005-10-22 Hits16719 [Download] [Visit]
Timestamp Picker is a JavaScript that makes it easy for your visitors to fill out the date/time field(s) of your form, by selecting the date from a popup calendar. The latest release supports american data format, and includes calendar only version.
Developer: geocities.com Platform: Date upd:2001-12-14 Hits16459 [Visit]
This is a highly stable and attractive calendar JavaScript for your site. Requires IE 5+
Developer: dynamicdrive.com Platform: IE5+ Date upd:2000-09-05 Hits15535 [Visit]
This calendar provides a date picker that can be used to ensure users enter the corrent date format.
Developer: sutternow.com Platform: IE 5.0 Date upd:2002-04-29 Hits15217 [Visit]
This is a DHTML calendar/date selector. Can be used to enable selecting dates easier for the user. Works using layers, and should work on IE5+, NS6+, and Mozilla. Fully customisable. Uses a user defined callback function to determine what to do with the selected
Developer: phpguru.org Platform: Date upd:2002-07-02 Hits15172 [Visit]
This great script lets your visitors easily input a date/time into a form field, by selecting it from a popup window. Supports output dates in various formats such as: dd/MM/yyyy, dd/MMM/yyyy, MM/dd/yyyy etc.
Developer: javascriptkit.com Platform: Win Date upd:2004-01-08 Hits14763 [Visit]
Scriptcalendar is 100% javascript. It requires no server side scripting. You can use Scriptcalendar with any host, including free services like Yahoo Geocities. Scriptcalendar saves you time with it's object oriented design. You can alter the function and appearance of the calendar through simple
Developer: scriptcalendar.com Platform: windows, osx Date upd:2005-02-01 Hits14375 [Download] [Visit]
This FREE Javascript event calendar tool lets you put an attractive and dynamic event calendar on your web site with optional hyperlinks to more detailed information and image inclusion to add visual appeal. Unlike most other web calendar tools, it requires no CGI or
Developer: calendar.pikesys.com Platform: IE4+, NN4+ Date upd:2004-05-15 Hits13508 [Visit]
HiCalendar is a free javascript calendar which can be embedded in any web page. Very easy to install – and free.
Developer: Hibyte Software Platform: linux, windows, freebsd Date upd:2006-02-11 Hits12824 [Visit]
PopUp Calendar with availability option. You can insert dates in the data.js file, those dates will become coloured and not selectable. Usefull for a rental system, in this way the already rented days will not be selected again. And that means a lot less
Developer: veluwe.net Platform: Date upd:2004-01-20 Hits11922 [Download] [Visit]
Fully-navigable cross-browser pop-up JavaScript calendar implemented in less than 4K! Built upon HTML() bookmarklet library. Very easy to use. Can be used on anyone's site from your web browser's Links toolbar.
Developer: angelfire.com Platform: Date upd:2002-12-28 Hits11695 [Visit]
Gurt Calendar JavaScript is a verified, extremely fast, small cross-browser javascript control. It is the best solution to enter date and time data into a form field in accordance to a predefined format. The advanced features are: unlimited number of calendars on one page;
Developer: Gurtom Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx Date upd:2006-03-05 Hits11415 [Download] [Visit]
Pure javascript; tested in major browsers (IE, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape); can be customized with styles; convenient user interface; incremental date/month/year change without opening the calendar. Has functions that: create the calendar (fieldname is a parameter) with an optional date Date (DD.MM.YYYY / YYYYMMDD formats),
Developer: KS Platform: windows Date upd:2006-10-30 Hits9992 [Download] [Visit]
FlatCalendarXP is a powerful and configurable JavaScript calendar. There are very few, if any, things that other JavaScript calendars can do that FlatCalendarXP can not. You'll be amazed to see how simple and fast it is to get it generated by a calendar tag.
Developer: Idemfactor Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2007-02-04 Hits9708 [Download] [Visit]
Tigra Calendar PRO is a flexible JavaScript Calendar offering high reliability and wide browsers support. This script allows your visitors to select any date from the page calendar with minimum number of clicks. Result is returned in single field with user defined name in
Developer: softcomplex.com Platform: All Date upd:2004-01-09 Hits9614 [Visit]
calendar() displays a calendar page of the chosen month and year. The function takes a date object as its only parameter. If this one is ommitted, the calendar will default to the date on the client computer.
Developer: Francisco Charrua Platform: Date upd:2005-04-17 Hits9589 [Visit]
Using cookies Reminder Calendar lets you assign a reminder to a date.
Developer: eskimo.com Platform: Date upd:1999-06-25 Hits9379 [Visit]
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