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Embed Background music in your page. Control setup and options for both Netscape and Internet Explorer.
Developer: ricocheting.com Platform: Date upd:2000-10-05 Hits18991 [Visit]
This is a complete downloadable kit with demos and documentation. It includes a special JavaScript function, and shows how to use sound with JavaScript on image and text mouseOvers.
Developer: codebrain.com Platform: All Date upd:2004-03-05 Hits17865 [Download] [Visit]
Media Machine is a multi-purpose audio/video player written entirely in javascript that supports a number of file formats and comes equipped with features such as a playlist, music library, search, graphic equalizer and more.
Developer: spriteworks.com Platform: Date upd:2004-07-06 Hits12243 [Download] [Visit]
BlueStreamer™ is on-line application written in JavaScript and Macromedia Flash, which you make instantaneous playback .mp3 set saved anywhere in Internet (streaming-without downloading). For webmasters or holder of www pages is available likewise simple JavaScript code, which make after small change adjustment playback files
Developer: myblueday.com Platform: Win, IE5+ Date upd:2004-07-19 Hits11158 [Download] [Visit]
Liven up your webpage with music, using this much requested background music script.
Developer: wsabstract.com Platform: Date upd:2000-11-01 Hits11076 [Visit]
This script allows you to play music when your page is being loaded.
Developer: creation-de-site.net Platform: Date upd:2001-11-25 Hits7372 [Visit]
MyWebTeks JukeBox is a next-generation Midi - Mp3 player that runs from your Browser. Currently it's only working with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 + It runs fine with any midi files and depending on the version of Active Movie or Windows Media Player. It
Developer: MyWebTeks Host Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx Date upd:2005-01-22 Hits7103 [Download] [Visit]
This script allows you to play a random music on the background of your Web pages.
Developer: creation-de-site.net Platform: Date upd:2001-11-25 Hits6518 [Visit]
This JavaScript targets to play short media files, e.g. mp3 files, in web browser with simple graphics(controls). Currently it can play mp3 by QuickTime Player or Window Media Player in IE6 and Firefox 1.5 on windows for sure. I only use Firefox and IE
Developer: livibetter Platform: windows Date upd:2006-10-05 Hits6213 [Download] [Visit]
This script plays a sound when the mouse moves over certain links. It can be configured to initiate the sound only when someone clicks on the links as well.
Developer: javascriptkit.com Platform: All Date upd:2003-12-18 Hits6044 [Visit]
Add a sound effect to your webpage for certain actions, such as when the user moves his mouse over a link, with this script. ThisIE-only script is simple yet versatile, allowing you to instantly apply the sound to multiple items on the page. Relies
Developer: Dynamic Drive Platform: linux, windows Date upd:2005-03-23 Hits3546 [Visit]
This is a JavaScript alarm clock that either alerts a message or plays a midi file when the specified time is reached.
Developer: javascriptkit.com Platform: Date upd:2003-05-27 Hits3402 [Visit]
QSound object outputs an audio clip through wave/midi interface. This class enriches a multimedia application or game with various sound effects. The media file gets buffered when the object is created. QSound control is ready for instant playing of sound clip right after browser
Developer: qlib.quazzle.com Platform: Date upd:2003-04-23 Hits3220 [Visit]
Load your original audio sample and your decoded (from mp3|ogg|mpc|ect) into this utility and check if you really can hear the difference via this blind listening test. (original idea from pcabx.com) Script will run offline as well.
Developer: somestuff.org Platform: Windows, IE Date upd:2004-03-05 Hits2673 [Visit]
This script is useful especialy when you have a lenghty tape and you only need to log few shots, use your vhs with burned in time code and enter the 'in' and 'out' points and script will generate the proper pal25/cmx3600 edl. Curently there
Developer: somestuff.org Platform: IE Date upd:2004-03-05 Hits1309 [Visit]
This tool improves the accessibility and usability of your web sites by adding audio content. You can link MP3 files to small images on your web pages to be played when the mouse roll over the images. The player is an invisible Flash movie
Developer: HotDreamweaver Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2007-02-04 Hits791 [Visit]
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