JIM-Control 1.3 details

 JIM-Control 1.3 details
  Joe McCormack
  linux, windows, osx, sun
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 JIM-Control description

The JIM-Control was developed to be a very powerful and flexible tool for delivering content to internet users through web pages that is both intuitive and customizable. With a spectrum of web browser support, this web browser based control allows your internet users to interact directly with content through inline windows using different web browsers. Internet users not only see an inline window, but they can drag, resize and perform additional interactions with those inline windows, such as maximizing and closing unless you desire to use your own. With persistence control, the way internet users have set inline window content can be remembered between browsing sessions. Other functions are bundled with the JIM-Control, such as browser detection on a platform basis and the ability to import XML data files. Work with the XML data is accomplished in a simple SQL-like manner for users that are more familiar with table based datasets that need to do something unique with the data.

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