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Client Websites / Client Area 1.0 details

 Client Websites / Client Area 1.0 details
  Commercial License Price: $10.00
PHP License Price: Free
Commercial License Price: $50.00
Commercial License Price: $30.00
Commercial License Price: $35.00
Commercial License Price: Free
PHP License Price: $20.00
Commercial License Price: $20.00
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 Client Websites / Client Area description

Webmasters across the country were in need of a program where Clients could login and see the progress of their project *Physically*. This allows webmasters to create accounts with User information, upload images and files based on project/category and allows the user to login and view the categories that have been selected for their project. If a client wants a banner done, the webmaster can upload the banner to the client's area and the client can login and rate, and leave comments on their work. This also allows for billing info and for paypal payment. BASIC FUNCTIONS: admin login - designate clients and projects / admin upload ALL file types - even DRAFTING FILE TYPES / clients login / admin can ADD QUOTES to client account / clients can PAY for QUOTES using PAYPAL / clients AND admin leave comments on documents / easy integration into website

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