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Rate N Review is a Perl/CGI script that allows you to specify topics and your visitors to vote for it. New Features include a brand new engine, user registration, viewing reviews based on helpfulness, date-added and rating, moderation of reviews, image upload, search function.
Developer: inscripts.com Platform: Unix, Windows NT Date upd:2002-10-23 Hits12984 [Visit]
Based on the 5 Star Rating script, 5 Star Review includes the option of allowing users to add reviews to the topics you choose as well as ratings. Reviews and topics can be edited/deleted all from the admin. Other features: optional HTML inclusion; uses
Developer: bandley3.com Platform: Unix Date upd:2002-07-22 Hits9514 [Visit]
This is a music review system written in Perl that allows you to add your own review on a given album, and generate an HTML page from a simple flat text file. Each entry includes the band name, album name, date purchased, and a
Developer: cis.rit.edu Platform: Date upd:2000-06-30 Hits6034 [Download] [Visit]
5 Star Rating allows you to offer your visitors a chance to add their rating to whatever topics you choose. Features the option to add, hide and delete topics,over 100 variables for complete customization via web browser administration, the option of using provided graphics
Developer: bandley3.com Platform: Unix Date upd:2002-07-04 Hits5725 [Visit]
Book review manager is a database driven perl script that lets users to add, modify, search, browse and review books. Any user can add a book and it will be listed in the book directory automatically. Admin section lets you delete books, see the
Developer: interlogy.com Platform: Unix, Win NT Date upd:2000-06-18 Hits2258 [Visit]
webOpinion allows you to place an unobtrusive image at the bottom right of the screen which scrolls down as you scroll down. If the user clicks on it, a rating window pops up and allows the visitor to rate your site on a number
Developer: web-scribble.com Platform: Unix, Linux, Windows Date upd:2002-01-21 Hits1653 [Visit]
Now with zipcode-based searching and image galleries! If you are merely searching for a damn good review/rating system, you may find a couple out there. But if you need a powerful, precedent-setting application that destroys your competition, stirs the imagination of your audience with
Developer: Random Mouse Software Platform: linux, windows, freebsd Date upd:2005-09-07 Hits1337 [Visit]
Review manager is a script to let you create your own review site without all the time and effort normally required. Make categories and add your reviews for your visitors to browse. A fully configurable look and feel allows you to use this script
Developer: Perlcoders Platform: linux Date upd:2006-06-08 Hits1122 [Visit]
Review is a very advanced and feature-filled package. It features an administration panel, which is password-protected, a reviews lister, a more detailed info. page when thumbnail clicked, as well as an entire gallery which allows people to enlarge pictures. This package has an extremely
Developer: Perlcoders Platform: linux Date upd:2006-03-02 Hits608 [Visit]
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