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Designed to work in a similar way to CNN's Quick Poll, this poll script features: Only one vote recorded per IP address, Can support multiple polls at a time, Displays results using .sig.shtml and .body.shtml from refering documents (ensures consistant look and feel), and
Developer: bloodyeck.com Platform: Date upd:1999-10-28 Hits18896 [Visit]
Find out your users opinions by hosting online polls on your website using Poll It. It also supports importing polls into existing web pages by the use of server side includes. Using our easy to use, nice, neat & organized administration interface you can
Developer: i2-Services, Inc. Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2007-01-09 Hits17400 [Visit]
“My Voting Script” aims to provide an easy to use add in solution for adding voting interaction on webpages. The package includes both a CGI script and an SSI for embedding into .shtml pages. Both interfaces use the same config file and can be
Developer: Erin Spice Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2005-08-09 Hits16959 [Download] [Visit]
BillowVote manages an on-line image voting system. A pie or bar gif image will display the vote results on the fly. User can login and get the right to create and manage their own voting, including adding, deleting, modifing, etc.
Developer: uwm.edu Platform: Unix, Win 95/98/NT Date upd:1999-08-26 Hits14858 [Download] [Visit]
iVote is a fast visual poll/image voting system written in Perl that uses MySQL on backend. Current features include: Create tables, Add entries, Delete entries, Statistics report, Voter/display page w/preview, Administration screen, Themes (default only so far), One or multiple vote support, Sort by
Developer: everythinglinux.org Platform: Date upd:2001-01-30 Hits12396 [Download] [Visit]
Easy Poll Maker allows your guests to build their own survey pages at your site. They can either include a typical link in the middle of their page, or embed the whole survey in an area in the page. Users can also select a
Developer: mannyjuan.com Platform: Date upd:2000-04-19 Hits11616 [Download] [Visit]
An attractive user polling system to let your visitors show their colors. You can choose from three different column graph styles, or make your own. Plan ahead by setting poll start dates, customise templates and themes to tune the poll display, provide single and
Developer: aborior.com Platform: Unix, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows Date upd:2004-04-15 Hits10186 [Download] [Visit]
This is an easy to use voting script. You can ask a vote on every question you want by simply adjusting the HTML page. The results are displayed both in a graphical and in a text way.
Developer: bennie-webdesign.com Platform: Unix Date upd:2000-03-19 Hits8624 [Visit]
This is a Web-page embeddable survey system written in Perl. It supports multiple choice Radio buttons, or Checkboxes, and also supports single question surveys. It also features double entry submission blocking ability.
Developer: cis.rit.edu Platform: Date upd:2000-06-30 Hits6806 [Download] [Visit]
Vote.pl is a small but fast perlscript, that saves the data of your votings and displays the results graphically. After the user has submitted the voting, vote.pl replaces the vote-form in your html-document with the results or displays an new page. In a separate
Developer: home.datacomm.ch Platform: Unix, Windows NT Date upd:1999-07-06 Hits6349 [Download] [Visit]
IMDpoll is a polling script that is small, fast, powerful, and best of all, easy to use. It features: Support for infinitely many polls; Each poll can have unlimited options; Optional support for comments; Easy setup; Easy and powerful administrator panel; Extensive template system,
Developer: i-m-d.net Platform: Unix, Win NT Date upd:2002-03-18 Hits5691 [Download] [Visit]
BNB Survey allows you to construct survey forms based on ratio buttons. It allows for up to 20 possible answers per questions, with unlimited number of questions. After voting, a person will be shown the current tally of the survey. It can also configred
Developer: bignosebird.com Platform: Unix Date upd:1999-06-25 Hits5679 [Visit]
This script allows you to run your own surveys, with tabulated results. Simplified installation (it should run 'out of the box' on NT) makes this script perfect for everyone, from the novice wanting to add interactivity to their web site, to the professional, who
Developer: sthomas.net Platform: Win 32/NT Date upd:2000-06-05 Hits5432 [Download] [Visit]
This is a Web-based survey form generator. It supports a variety of form fields including text, check box, dropdown box, radio box, and more. WebSurvey is now based on WebWare 2.1 and WebDB on eXtropia's brand new ADT.
Developer: extropia.com Platform: Date upd:2001-08-30 Hits5227 [Visit]
Most survey scripts handle radio buttons only, but what if you want to allow your visitors to enter more choices? Or get free (numeric) input and calculate averages? That's where OWP comes in. It's fully configurable - including the language - and well documented.
Developer: freeware.oveas.com Platform: all Date upd:2003-08-08 Hits5203 [Download] [Visit]
This is an online tool that allows you to generate voting or survey Perl CGI scripts for your Web site. Features: IP & cookie checking to prevent multiple polls, Sorting of results based on number of votes, and Optionally display bar graph. Requires registration
Developer: upoint.info Platform: linux Date upd:2005-04-19 Hits5197 [Visit]
b3 Comment Poll from Bandley3 is a professional and feature-packed poll manager. Features include: the ability to run several simultaneous polls with one-time settings that will apply to all polls created and will update all polls when edited. Users can enter comments as well
Developer: bandley3.com Platform: Unix, Mac OS X Date upd:2003-07-17 Hits4983 [Visit]
Prowler Poll is a Perl CGI Web-based product which allows you to provide polling/voting features to your vistors. Prowler Poll features a slick look, easy-to-use interface, and a web-based configuration that makes it easy to add, delete, and manage many different poll/voting topics.
Developer: prowler-pro.com Platform: Unix, Win NT Date upd:1999-08-26 Hits4501 [Visit]
PlayVote is a free polling program that will allow you to create polling questions for your visitors. PlayVote allows for an unlimited number of concurrent polls to be running, with the results of each poll tracked separately. Each poll can have a unique look
Developer: playhouse.com Platform: Date upd:2002-08-20 Hits4299 [Download] [Visit]
This is a CGI engine that turns any ordinary web page into a full blown survey engine. It can validate numbers by checking for valid input as well as checks ranges, Force respondents to answer a question before progressing direct the flow of the
Developer: unix.gr Platform: Date upd:2000-06-08 Hits3870 [Download] [Visit]
Votesie is a script that lets you create a poll or issue for your visitors to vote on and then see the results. You can choose various background and font colors for your poll booth so that it can fit in with the rest
Developer: tesol.net Platform: Unix, Win NT Date upd:2004-01-16 Hits3675 [Visit]
This is a polling script written in Perl. It allows you to only conduct one poll at a time. The script also logs the voter's IP in order to prevent cheating. It requires Server Side Includes (SSI).
Developer: realitywebs.com Platform: Date upd:2000-05-25 Hits3552 [Visit]
Easily create, maintain and manage an unlimited number of interactive online polls on your website! Features include password protected browser based administration, start and end dates for created polls, auto archiving , double vote protection and real time graphic results. Online demo available on
Developer: i2-Services, Inc. Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2005-11-07 Hits3469 [Visit]
This script lets users vote on current topics. It has options to allow users to add topics and/or choices. It logs ip's to prevent voting in the same topic multiple times and comes with an administrative function where you easily remove topics and choices.
Developer: shavenferret.com Platform: Unix Date upd:1999-06-30 Hits3185 [Visit]
Easily create, maintain, and conduct online polls and surveys on your site. You can create polls and surveys that expire on a specific date or have the run forever (until you stop it). You can post multiple polls and surveys to your site and
Developer: cgiscript.net Platform: Date upd:2003-08-29 Hits3085 [Visit]
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