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News Publisher is a CGI/Perl script used to update a news page on a Web site. Some of its features include: easy install & configuration, supports multiple users and secure login, easy to change the way your news looks, ability to quickly remove or
Developer: gwscripts.com Platform: Unix, Win NT Date upd:2000-04-15 Hits25333 [Download] [Visit]
Avenger's News System (ANS) is a PERL-based solution to creating an easy-to-update and easy-to-maintain web site. Instead of constantly uploading new news pages and wrestling with HTML, you can post stuff via a web-based form.
Developer: ans.gq.nu Platform: Date upd:1999-10-04 Hits22007 [Visit]
eNews is advanced management tools for on-line news articles and announcements publishing. This scripts support for unlimited number of News themes, for each, you can define multiple moderator. Each moderator can add a news or validate, edit, remove public submit for his news theme.
Developer: ftls.org Platform: Date upd:2000-01-12 Hits17833 [Download] [Visit]
NewsAdmin is a script that you can use to update your website with news thru a web-interface. It features: 100% customizable output with templates, , Optional password authorization, Headline shortcuts, User identification, Deletion of posts, and Preview before posting. It requires SSI.
Developer: stefan-pettersson.nu Platform: Date upd:2003-08-27 Hits13891 [Download] [Visit]
Scoop is a web application designed to make it easy to run your own weblog. A weblog, defined loosely, is a website that posts news, or articles, or even just a personal diary-type thing, and is updated on a fairly regular basis. Many weblogs
Developer: scoop.kuro5hin.org Platform: Date upd:2000-11-01 Hits12970 [Download] [Visit]
The world's best supported software, designed for YOU, the overworked webmaster! With more features than any other solution, Article Manager gives you absolutely everything you need to manage your very own article driven website. *** Create thousands - or HUNDREDS of thousands - of
Developer: interactivetools.com Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2007-02-28 Hits10102 [Visit]
WSU News Manager is a highly configurable and customizable news manager. It allows the administrator to add news to his/her web site via the web-based administration and with the help of SSI. Visitors to the site are able to not only read the latest
Developer: design.garagedoor.org Platform: Date upd:2001-01-03 Hits8712 [Visit]
diary2002.cgi is a online journal or diary script. you may call it also a blogger or weblog. fact is you will be able to write, read, search and delete your own articles or stories from your browser. diary2002.cgi is designed for easy setup, use
Developer: Deschakovski Holger Platform: linux, freebsd Date upd:2005-04-16 Hits8692 [Visit]
Pagenews allows you to post news quickly on your homepage. Features:Mangae multiple news pages with one installation, Multiple users with different permissions, enable/disable HTML in the postings for a special user, Building news archives (optional), Automatic deletion of old postings (optional), Smilies - own
Developer: pagenews.de.vu Platform: Date upd:2002-02-20 Hits8617 [Visit]
News Flash! is an easy to install and use news posting script without editing your webpage. Post announcements or news on your webpage through an easy message form. Easy to edit and install. Features: Easy to use, secure new posting form, Display your news
Developer: zcnet.com Platform: Unix, Linux, Windows Date upd:2004-03-05 Hits8389 [Download] [Visit]
Auto Updater is an advanced news publishing script which uses SSI links to seamlessly integrate with your current site design. It includes image uploads, fully configurable HTML templates, archiving, automatic posting, an extensive administrative system for managing multiple users, and embedded user comments for
Developer: interfocus.net Platform: Unix Date upd:2000-09-27 Hits7728 [Visit]
A powerful News Board script that allows you share information on-line with others. This software is ideal for on-line communities with stories and news to share. News Board is also great for website administrators that are looking for a quick way to post site
Developer: cgi-factory.com Platform: Unix, Linux, WIn NT/2000 Date upd:2001-01-15 Hits7243 [Visit]
Want an easy-to-use program for updating the news on your site? News Manager is perfect for updating and editing news releases, company news, and website announcements. It's so easy to use that you can be managing news articles right from your web browser. News
Developer: interactivetools.com Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2005-04-23 Hits7241 [Visit]
WebNews is a WebDB 8.0 based application. Installation is virtually instant for quick use. WebNews also allows customization to use other database systems, new tables, and new information. WebNews Manager is included in the distribution for easy and powerful administration. WebNews ships ready to
Developer: extropia.com Platform: Unix, Windows, MacOS Date upd:2001-08-30 Hits6732 [Visit]
Online Editor to change or update news and archives. Automatically archives news based on counters you set. News can be added to the file of your choice and can be added inside CSS, blockquotes, tables, or any HTML tags. HTML can also be included
Developer: poeticpollution.net Platform: Unix Date upd:2003-08-12 Hits6252 [Visit]
This weblog has pseudo code, emoticon, censored word list, and time zone offset support with an option for a multi user interface. Security is provided through a password protected post screen. Enable or disable commenting at will.
Developer: 4est Platform: linux, freebsd, osx Date upd:2005-05-06 Hits5661 [Visit]
A tool for publishing "simple" news articles on-line. The script (programmed in Perl) can be used to publish news and announcements on a web site without the need to know HTML. The Newsboy script will allow administrators to create, modify and delete accounts for
Developer: dieresis.com Platform: Unix, Windows Date upd:2003-08-30 Hits5549 [Download] [Visit]
This is an easy to use Perl script that allows you to easily update and manage your site news page over the Internet. It features: Web-based password protected admin, news auto-archive creation by month, and more.
Developer: awtrey.com Platform: Date upd:2000-02-15 Hits5127 [Download] [Visit]
tomslog is a weblog program written in Perl. It lets you automate postings to your website, including photo uploads. Online demo available at http://tjdunn.com
Developer: tjdunn.com Platform: Linux, Unix, Win32 Date upd:2004-03-05 Hits5067 [Download] [Visit]
@1 Newscroller allows you to scroll news items via browser-based admin interface. It supports images, and add, edit and delete modes.
Developer: upoint.info Platform: linux Date upd:2005-04-19 Hits5059 [Visit]
This simple to use content management system will allow you to show the headlines and summary on any webpage and link to the full article, all in the same style as your website. You can add delete and edit news with ease using the
Developer: Darren Deans Platform: linux Date upd:2005-02-06 Hits4982 [Visit]
NewsDesk Pro is a complete news system for providing news functionality to a web site. It features: Easy install & configuration, Supports multiple users, Template based, Auto-regeneration of articles, Articles and Headlines are separated for easier management, Automated emailing of news to pre-defined list,
Developer: Platform: Date upd:2000-02-08 Hits4701 [Download] [Visit]
With Fresh News Updater you are able to display announcements, news or other messages on your website extremely quick and easy. Enter, edit and delete news headlines and bodies comfortably in your Admin Control Panel. The news box layout is fully customizable via a
Developer: webfresh.com Platform: Unix Date upd:2000-10-15 Hits4582 [Download] [Visit]
HiNews is a free, cross-platform dynamic content management utility which enables a site owner to update a page of their website, perhaps with latest news, special offers or upcoming events. The many features include an external configuration file where many visual parameters can be
Developer: Hibyte Software Platform: linux, windows, freebsd Date upd:2006-02-11 Hits4559 [Visit]
This is a news posting CGI script written in Perl. It comes with a Web-based password protected admin panel where you can setup and manage your news page.
Developer: wiu.edu Platform: Date upd:1999-12-09 Hits4145 [Download] [Visit]
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