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InSite is a Web site management tool written in perl. It checks link integrity and does some basic content monitoring of your site's files directly on the local disk, which gives it a huge speed advantage over similar tools.
Developer: insite.sourceforge.net Platform: Date upd:2007-10-03 Hits5365 [Download] [Visit]
This script allows you to check the validity of all HTML links on a Web site. Most can start at one or more "seed" HTML files, and recursively test all URLs found at that site. This program doesn't follow URLs at other sites, but
Developer: jmarshall.com Platform: Unix Date upd:1999-09-14 Hits4328 [Visit]
WebTester is a handy site management tool, the primary purpose of which is to check your site for broken links. It will report both on missing files and on those which exist but aren't referenced. It can also check the validity of your external
Developer: awsd.com Platform: Unix Date upd:1999-07-26 Hits3675 [Visit]
META & Dead Links Check (mdlc) is a Perl program that checks META tags and dead links. Now, it can only check local web pages. It can create 4 result files containing: List of checked links, List of dead links, List of Web links
Developer: ftls.org Platform: Date upd:1999-12-09 Hits3224 [Download] [Visit]
RLC is a useful tool that performs reciprocal links checking automatically. Simply tell it where the remote web pages you wish to monitor are and the URL of your links. It will then crawl the remote web pages and feedback to you the latest
Developer: upoint.info Platform: Unix, Linux, Windows Date upd:2003-08-28 Hits2066 [Visit]
This is a link checking system designed to minimise the amount of time spent dealing with broken links. It does not report the links as broken until some time after they are first identified (three tries over several days by default) so that there
Developer: scotclimb.org.uk Platform: Unix Date upd:2002-01-01 Hits1779 [Download] [Visit]
With this simple script you simply edit a few variables at the top of the script, set a url to the page you want, and itll go to that page, get all the links, and check each link to see if its "dead" or
Developer: echelondesign.net Platform: All Date upd:2003-08-11 Hits1583 [Download] [Visit]
This simple six-line Perl script checks for broken links in one or more of your HTML files.
Developer: sarangworld.com Platform: Date upd:1999-08-31 Hits1539 [Visit]
SpiderView is a server based program which can spider a webpage, testing the links found on the page, evaluating your server and its performance. SpiderView is available, to run, from our server at no charge, or you can purchase the program and offer it
Developer: northernwebs.com Platform: Unix (LWP, HTML & Timer::HiRes) Date upd:2000-09-24 Hits1481 [Visit]
Broken links are a serious problem when trying to get your website registered with search engines. Use our link checking to test your website before submitting your url to the search engines.
Developer: searchengineoptimising.com Platform: All Date upd:2003-09-29 Hits1346 [Visit]
Free Perl/CGI program that can check all text and picture links on your entire site. With this free script you can open your own link checking service for your site visitors.
Developer: Pavel Golovko Platform: linux, windows, freebsd Date upd:2006-12-21 Hits1268 [Download] [Visit]
Free reciprocal link software on the basis of trading or free of all
Developer: Lyle Hopkins Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2005-06-17 Hits1077 [Download] [Visit]
This script validates A, LINK, and IMG elements in XHTML documents. META tags or extended attributes can be used to further control the behaviour of the script for specific pages or specific elements.
Developer: sfu.ca Platform: Unix Date upd:2002-03-15 Hits1029 [Visit]
Link popularity checker cgi script is a tool to help webmaster finding out who are linking to their sites. Many search engines today are ranking web sites by the number of sites linking to them. Link popularity is also important for a high keyword
Developer: E-topbiz.com Scripts Platform: linux Date upd:2006-09-12 Hits1018 [Visit]
LinkScan is the industrial strength link checking and website management tool. It also does HTML validation and creates two types of publication quality SiteMaps. LinkScan is offered in two versions: LinkScan Workstation is a single-user implementation designed for individual content developers in large enterprises,
Developer: elsop.com Platform: Unix, Win 98/NT Date upd:1999-08-29 Hits939 [Visit]
Our team proudly presents a reciprocal links management script. It has the following UNIQUE features: -- The script can upload link pages to unlimited number of sites. Now you don't need to manually update all your sites. Manage all links from one place. --
Developer: gammacenter.com Platform: Unix Date upd:2003-10-13 Hits894 [Visit]
The linkage report script is a small utility script that allows you to query the major search engines to ascertain how many other Websites are linking to your website. This is a good indication as to the popularity of your Website as well of
Developer: myturnkeybusiness.com Platform: Unix/Linux Date upd:2004-01-20 Hits849 [Download] [Visit]
RLC is a useful tool that performs reciprocal links checking automatically. Simply tell it where the remote web pages you wish to monitor are and the URL of your links. It will crawl the remote web pages and feedback to you the latest status
Developer: upoint.info Platform: linux Date upd:2005-04-19 Hits703 [Visit]
Professional reciprocal link exchange program that will completely automate your link exchange campaign! Search engine friendly links pages display links in descending order depending on the number of incoming links your link partners send to your website. Use the administration panel to quickly verify
Developer: Jason Platform: linux, windows, osx Date upd:2006-03-21 Hits618 [Download] [Visit]
LinkChecker is a web-master's dream come true. It not only takes in a list of links and tells you which ones are bad links, but it gets so specific as to tell you which ones redirect to other pages, which are forbidden access links,
Developer: perlcoder Platform: linux Date upd:2006-06-07 Hits487 [Visit]
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