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A small Perl program that adds a menu of 30 free shockwave games to your site with 1 easy to install cgi.
Developer: mrrat.com Platform: Unix, Windows Date upd:2003-08-28 Hits9472 [Download] [Visit]
A script designed to create and make easily editable tournaments for gaming clans, bingo night or whatever suits you best. Ever have that hockey tournament, but just don't have either the skills or time to work out that complex html? Well that's what this
Developer: echelondesign.net Platform: Unix, Windows Date upd:2003-09-10 Hits7692 [Download] [Visit]
CHESS.PL is a CGI chess board. It allows players to initiate and play games through a web page. This CGI is not meant for real-time games. It really just facilitates correspondence games and allows others to watch. It can manage any number of games,
Developer: watson-net.com Platform: Date upd:1999-12-15 Hits6587 [Download] [Visit]
The CGI crossword puzzle building system consists of two programs, buildcwd.cgi and playcwd.cgi for building new crossword puzzles and playing crossword puzzles respectively. Players may play the puzzle, see the solution if they have the solution password, and may be able to see an
Developer: software-path.com Platform: Linux, Windows NT/2000 Date upd:2003-08-17 Hits6422 [Download] [Visit]
This is a CGI game script written in Perl that provides the cards for a card game. It deals the punishments and rewards for the players. It can also be used as an adult game but that is not what it was writtten for.
Developer: fuzzymonkey.org Platform: Date upd:2003-08-17 Hits5267 [Visit]
This script brings the fun of gambling to your site, without the worry of using real money. You set up the amount of credits your players get, the ratio, and some insider information for the 'pros' and let the games begin! This Fantasy Betting
Developer: Jason Silver Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2005-04-21 Hits4712 [Download] [Visit]
This is a cgi driven WWW blackjack game. Currently, it only supports single player games, and shuffles half way through the deck.
Developer: andru.sonoma.edu Platform: Date upd:1999-07-22 Hits4390 [Visit]
CrosswordMaker is a simple crossword puzzle maker and grader. It will lead you through a series of steps to create a crossword puzzle, then make the puzzle up as an HTML page that the program can grade later. It will only tell you if
Developer: Scripts for Educators Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, sun Date upd:2006-02-23 Hits4103 [Visit]
Improve your Literati rating by letting this script aid you in discovering words. Simply put in your charactes, your wilds and click go. That's it!
Developer: SpyderScripts Platform: linux, windows Date upd:2006-02-03 Hits3795 [Download] [Visit]
This program allows the creation of a simple role playig game, or indeed a simple quiz. There are 5 situations or questions where each situation has 3 different answers, and each answer has 3 different outcomes. The game is decided by points. The program
Developer: ukzone.hypermart.net Platform: Date upd:2000-01-17 Hits3193 [Download] [Visit]
This is a classic Tic Tac Toe game script written in Perl. Also includes cross and circle gif images.
Developer: lintux.cx Platform: Unix Date upd:2000-03-08 Hits3012 [Download] [Visit]
SFEPoker is a simple online video poker game. It's fun and addictive, but is not set up in any way for real money to be involved. Break even on Jacks or better, or try for a royal flush: you get 100 points to start
Developer: Scripts for Educators Platform: linux, windows, osx Date upd:2005-10-12 Hits2767 [Visit]
Allow your users to play this Scrabble(c)-style game on your site. Not only will they enjoy playing with other gamers all over the world, but the game emails sent on each move contain your customised advertisment. Get the 'word' out to people while they
Developer: Jason Silver Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2005-04-21 Hits2628 [Download] [Visit]
This is an online version of the popular Who Wants to be a Millionaire game. This version can be customized and added to any web site that support CGI scripting.
Developer: stellarstuff.com Platform: Unix, Windows Date upd:2000-06-28 Hits2416 [Visit]
Weather Report is an Embperl control to retrieve and display a weather forecast report for specified location. It retrieve the forecast from www.weather.com and you'll need to register at weather.com to to get a free partner id and a license key to be used
Developer: Mikhail Stepanov Platform: linux Date upd:2006-01-14 Hits2396 [Download] [Visit]
Offer your website visitors and regulars an engrossing version of the popular casino game Keno without the monetary risk. TD Keno updates and tracks users scores and uses true casino Keno odds. Users login via their email so you could also use the script
Developer: tdscripts.com Platform: Unix Date upd:1999-11-22 Hits2292 [Download] [Visit]
For anyone who has seen the Anime (Japanese Animation) called DragonBall Z, you know what a Ki (Power) Level is. This script, using a formula that used to be availible on the official DragonBall Z WebSite, calculates your information and tells your Ki Level,
Developer: ss.dbmxl.com Platform: Unix Date upd:2001-11-14 Hits2197 [Download] [Visit]
Concentration is a rather simple memory game. A pile of cards with duplicate images are mixed up and layed picture side down. The player then picks up two cards and tries to make a "match". If no match is made, the cards are put
Developer: tiger-marmalade.com Platform: Unix Date upd:1999-07-22 Hits2096 [Visit]
Free gamemaker resource to enable you to make fun games for your website visitors.
Developer: Lyle Hopkins Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2005-06-17 Hits1992 [Download] [Visit]
This is a Web-based hangman game script. Comes with a word dictonary with over 300 words.
Developer: albedo.net Platform: Unix Date upd:1999-07-22 Hits1942 [Visit]
Based loosely on the game show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, this quiz script allows both True/False and multiple-choice questions. You customize the title and the questions.
Developer: Platform: Date upd:2002-02-07 Hits1876 [Visit]
Auto-GamesPro is a package of fun games that includes Video Poker, BlackJack, In Between, Memory, and Hangman. The games are all tied to a point system that allows users to compare their performance. Auto-GamesPro is a great way to keep visitors on your site.
Developer: Ecreations Software Inc. Platform: linux Date upd:2005-04-18 Hits1820 [Visit]
WebLibs is the Webified version of the old "Mad Libs" party game. It will allow you to set up "stories" on your Web site which visitors can complete by "filling in the blanks." Of course, the catch is, they don't actually see what the
Developer: awsd.com Platform: Unix Date upd:1999-07-21 Hits1672 [Visit]
Shot in the dark is a simple number guessing game made to look nice. It is designed to combat the recent surge in hangman scripts. It's simple to install and quite configurable.
Developer: ukzone.hypermart.net Platform: Date upd:2000-01-17 Hits1639 [Download] [Visit]
Run an automated sports competition. Entrants must pick the winners and margins of games you select each week. Player scores,and team stats are tracked. Players can even customise their own individual leaderboards for their friends.
Developer: seriousfun.co.nz Platform: Unix Date upd:2003-12-01 Hits1629 [Visit]
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