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Master 404 is an easy to install, easy to maintain CGI program written with Perl 5 for managing your "404 -- URL not found" website visitor mistakes. You update the incorrect URLs database with the corresponding correct URL. You create your own "wrong URL"
Developer: willmaster.com Platform: Unix Date upd:1999-12-17 Hits4333 [Download] [Visit]
This script detects website errors, logs them and sends webmaster an email. It displays an error page to user. Error pages are not created by the script but are standard HTML pages so you can edit them to look like your site. It includes
Developer: The Master Platform: Date upd:2006-08-27 Hits3435 [Download] [Visit]
If your there is a error on your webpage like file not found or failt script, the Page Guard is coming in action. Features include: Script replace the nasty looking error pages, Explains the web error to the visitor, Send email to your administrator
Developer: widexl.com Platform: Unix, Win NT Date upd:2003-09-13 Hits3082 [Visit]
BIRDTRAP allows you to have your server direct your reader to a friendly, even humorous page describing what happened. The script allows you to also log to file and/or e-mail you the information regarding an error. You even get six original graphics that will
Developer: bignosebird.com Platform: Unix, Windows Date upd:1999-07-26 Hits2138 [Visit]
Apache Easy Debug is CGI/Perl script intended to replace default Internal Server Error Message. With this script installed web developer doesn't need to lookup and scroll web server log after each script error because latest records are nice formatted and displayed just on error
Developer: softcomplex.com Platform: Unix, Win32 Date upd:2003-09-09 Hits1867 [Download] [Visit]
Pinpoint the cause of Server 500 errors. This script allows you to view your error log in an easy to read format, or if you don't have access to your error log, learn how to redirect error messages to your browser. This will save
Developer: perlscriptsjavascripts.com Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2005-02-04 Hits1756 [Download] [Visit]
Site Eyes allows you to control all error tasks such as 401, 500, 403, etc. It will optionally email you of the action and redirects users to the custom pages created by you based on the types of error.
Developer: newdev.com Platform: Date upd:1999-07-30 Hits1720 [Visit]
Error-Lumberjack allows you to log errors your site receives (page not found, server error, access denied, etc). Also displays a custom error message for each error. Includes complete administration options.
Developer: ricocheting.com Platform: Apache Date upd:2002-02-22 Hits1475 [Visit]
Guardian is a CGI script which works closely with the Apache 1.1 and later webservers. When a visitor to your site attempts to view a document which does not exist, tries to access a restricted area and fails, or initiates a script error, the
Developer: xav.com Platform: Date upd:2002-06-27 Hits1336 [Visit]
Essential script for any webmaster allowing them to log and manage 404 error page requests to their website server.
Developer: theemiratesnetwork.com Platform: Unix Date upd:2003-02-28 Hits1108 [Visit]
Ababa Error Logger is a program logs all your site errors. This includes but not limited to 401 Unauthorized Error, 403 Forbidden Error, 404 File Not Found Error, 500 Internal Server Error. Ababa Error Logger is best used for debugging perl scripts, fixing broken
Developer: Yupapa Bahamama Platform: linux, freebsd Date upd:2005-04-16 Hits924 [Visit]
Have you ever had a cgi error due to the unsymmetry of brackets? This script not only displays the error message produced by the perl interpreter, but also a brackets counting feature that allows you to check whether the brackets are symmetrical.
Developer: geocities.com Platform: All Date upd:2004-08-20 Hits792 [Download] [Visit]
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