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PicoStreamer is a set of CGI (Perl) and PHP script to set up your own web radio. It works on a normal web hosting (Linux) and you no need an expensive dedicated server. Also, due to HTTP protocol used, you can stream data to
Developer: Vincenzo Tarricone Platform: linux, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2006-08-05 Hits7348 [Download] [Visit]
Media is a Perl Script that creates .ram, .asx, and many other files. It uses kind of like a database to store the locations of your files. All you have to do is link to the script and the script does the rest. It
Developer: ericpp.n3.net Platform: Unix Date upd:2003-06-24 Hits5342 [Visit]
MÆS (MP3 Audio Entertainment System), a spinoff of version 1 of Richard Harman's myMP3, is a set of Perl scripts which interface with MySQL to provide streaming MP3's over the net. The package includes just about everything you'll need, such as sql scripts, shell
Developer: mymp3s.sourceforge.net Platform: Date upd:2000-09-22 Hits5036 [Download] [Visit]
The Jukebox allows you to manage a Realaudio music database content. With very little modification, it can be adapted to support any other type of media. It current features include: Database distributed on multiple files, Support for peering content sites and load balancing, and
Developer: nightmedia.net Platform: Date upd:2000-02-08 Hits4707 [Visit]
If you offer media files on your site, you will probably have noticed that you have to create .ram-files or something similar. These .ram-files are kind of a "wrapper" for the real file. They are downloaded by the browser and given over to the
Developer: web42.com Platform: Unix, Windows NT Date upd:1999-07-21 Hits3809 [Visit]
MyNapster Webclient is a web interface to the MyNapster/Napster/Opennap Networks that allows you to download songs via Web.
Developer: mynapster.sourceforge.net Platform: Date upd:2000-08-06 Hits3614 [Download] [Visit]
RipIT allows you to create MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3) audio files from an Audio CD. It is a console based front-end, written in perl, for 3 programs: xmcd for CDDB lookup, cdparanoia for ripping the Audio CD tracks, and bladeenc or lame for encoding
Developer: geocities.com Platform: Unix Date upd:1999-11-22 Hits2068 [Visit]
This is a random midi player written in Perl, it will play a random tune every time someone visits a page with the script on it. The program reads from a flat text database containing the midi URL and title. The script also supports
Developer: stanback.net Platform: Unix Date upd:1999-07-21 Hits1556 [Visit]
Designed for RealAudio or RealVideo-based websites, this program lets your visitors create their own song lists which can be saved at your site or their hardiscs. By clicking the generated RAM files, visitors can listen to the selected songs anytime continuously. RAM filenames are
Developer: upoint.net Platform: Unix Date upd:2001-03-05 Hits1521 [Visit]
MimeSlapper is a workaround for the confusing apache mime-type file headers, in the case of mp3 files, where a "standardized" mime type has not yet been widely accepted. It allows you to configure via a hard variable, or via a specialized url tag, which
Developer: network-design.net Platform: Unix Date upd:1999-09-04 Hits1481 [Visit]
Wavtoreal is a small perl script for use with a console-based realproducer. This script asks you several options, you fill them in and then the real-audio-file is generated. Currently it's written only for wav-files, but it can be easily changed for movies and so
Developer: swentelomania.be Platform: Linux Date upd:2002-01-28 Hits1160 [Visit]
This script is mostly 4 *nix machines unless u have PERL installed on your windows box. What this little script does is takes all mp3's in a specified directory and adds them to a m3u playlist for winamp good for local lans if you
Developer: Terry Platform: linux, windows, freebsd Date upd:2006-07-14 Hits899 [Download] [Visit]
CAPFIX - A utility to fix capitalization of MP3 files. Copyleft 2005 - Nathan E. Pralle DESCRIPTION: I wrote this to recap, properly, the filenames of MP3 files. It takes the filename and nicely recaps it in proper format. SYNTAX: This utility requires a
Developer: Nathan Pralle Platform: linux Date upd:2005-06-22 Hits508 [Visit]
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