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eAuction gives everyone the possibility to set up a powerful and multilingual online auction site. eAuction features: Automatic path detection, e-mail notifications, automatic item closing, registration and e-mail verification, sniper protection, integrated search engine, item tracking, file locking, image upload, proxy-bidding and much more.
Developer: Dieter Werner Platform: linux, windows, freebsd Date upd:2006-12-22 Hits24415 [Download] [Visit]
A powerful, yet easy to install and use Auction-creation program which will allow you to host auctions created by you or your website visitors. Features: Unlimited categories and items, Automated e-mail validation registration system, Optional non-registration mode to allow posting/bidding by anyone, "Reserve" prices
Developer: siteinteractive.com Platform: Unix, Win NT/2000 Date upd:2002-08-28 Hits15573 [Download] [Visit]
Ultimate Auction is a full featured auction software that utilizes mySQL for it's database for optimal performance and the ability to handle the most traffic extensive sites. Features include: Unlimited Levels of Categories and Sub-Categories, accounting, full online admin, dutch auctions, buy it now,
Developer: ultimateauction.net Platform: linux, freebsd, sun Date upd:2006-04-03 Hits6913 [Visit]
Auction-Script is a feature rich auction software written in Perl. Features include: Gallery items, extensive AdminCP, member feedback, JustMe personal page, email auction to friend, seller edit of auction, view new/hot/ending soon items, view sellers other auctions, confirm bid/purchase screen, advanced search, prohibit bidding
Developer: The T2 Web Group Platform: linux, windows Date upd:2005-09-16 Hits6445 [Visit]
A full featured E-Bay type auction script. Features: BUY-it-Now function; Dutch fixed price and proxy bid auctions; Main page featured auctions; Main page gallery feature; Category featured auctions; Bold listings; Highlight listings; Auction postings from 1 to 14 days ; Image upload; Payment /
Developer: auctionscripts.net Platform: Unix Date upd:2002-08-13 Hits5274 [Visit]
EZAUCTGN enables you to allow your visitors to create their own auction sites powered by a special version of EveryAuction. Each auction owner can choose the color scheme, select categories, allow user posting and perform browser based deletion of items and/or categories.
Developer: mannyjuan.com Platform: Unix Date upd:2001-02-09 Hits5232 [Visit]
Ready To Go Auction is an easy to setup and use online auction software. Features include: Accounting software, email, max bid, auto increment, tell a friend, lost password, forgot username, attention grabbers, shipping terms, condition of item, confirm bid, MyPage, list all, all hot
Developer: i-scripts.com Platform: Unix, Win NT Date upd:2003-06-29 Hits3499 [Visit]
MakeBid Auction is a rewrite of EveryAuction under GPL. Improvements over EveryAuction include: unlimited categories and subcategories, category featured, bold listings, normal and dutch auctions, closing email, feedback, seller edit, auto bidding, auto relist closed, buyit, auction tracker, BidFind list generator, full adminastration utility,
Developer: usanetcreations.com Platform: Unix, Win NT/2000 Date upd:2001-07-12 Hits3001 [Visit]
An auction software featuring sniper protection, email verification, closed auctions, classifieds, wanted ads, and much much more. Fully customizable with a little knowledge. Comes with full resell rights.
Developer: e-zauctionsoftware.com Platform: Unix Date upd:2002-11-19 Hits2401 [Visit]
If you are looking to setup and run a new online auction then Our auction software package is perfect and is ready to go. We could have your new auction business up and running in a few easy and simple steps. Our design interface
Developer: iNteractiveFusion.net Platform: linux Date upd:2006-10-13 Hits2328 [Download] [Visit]
Now you can have your own USA eBay store on your site. eBay currently pays $12.00-$20.00 per sign-up and 0.10 per bid! There's a free version and a paid version. The paid version includes mod_rewrite (Search engine friendly URLs), 4,038 categories, Random Content option,
Developer: Jesse Smith Platform: linux Date upd:2005-10-12 Hits2283 [Download] [Visit]
This is an Perl program that allows you to host your own auctions or provide a classified ads marketplace. Features: Build-in user anagement, ability to handle categories, login for registered users with access to user lounge (place ads, create auctions, modify settings).
Developer: sunnyscript.com Platform: Unix Date upd:2000-12-17 Hits2115 [Visit]
Three full featured E-Bay type auction script designs to choose from. Features: BUY-it-Now function; Dutch fixed price and proxy bid auctions; Main page featured auctions; Main page gallery feature; Category featured auctions; Bold listings; Highlight listings; Auction postings from 1 to 14 days ;
Developer: auctionscripts.com Platform: Unix Perl 5 Date upd:2003-05-30 Hits2114 [Visit]
Set up and run an auction with minimal effort. Charge listing fees and/or for extra "bells and whistles", and run a classified ad section too. A great script with plenty of room for individuality. Uses HTML "templates" for easy customization.
Developer: aftk.com Platform: Win NT Date upd:2002-12-28 Hits1798 [Visit]
Auction Weaver Professional is a powerful, yet easy to install and use auction-creation program which will allow you to host auctions created by you or your website visitors. Use AuthorizeNet's extremely popular system to give your customers REAL-TIME credit card transactions and instant access.
Developer: siteinteractive.com Platform: Unix, Win NT/2000 Date upd:2002-08-28 Hits1517 [Visit]
Create auction websites that include classifieds and wanted ads. This software allows you to run a full auction site and can be customized with knowledge of CGI to fit the look and feel you want. It also comes with a GPL license allowin you
Developer: e-z Auction Software - Michael Bruce Platform: windows Date upd:2005-10-11 Hits1373 [Visit]
Freelancers is another great product by Smarter Scripts which allows anyone to run a professional site like only large companies could until now. How it works is that people looking for freelance work ("freelancers") signup, and companies ("buyers") looking for professionals post their projects
Developer: Smarter Platform: linux, freebsd Date upd:2005-06-01 Hits1358 [Visit]
Auction script with your choose of designs, free installation also. full auction features. support from our members only area as well as business information to help your auction site grow
Developer: myturnkeybusiness.com Platform: Unix Date upd:2004-03-05 Hits1086 [Visit]
600+ important Pages, dedicated to Everyauction 1.53 The World's most comprehensive EveryAuction 1.53 Script & Add-On related Database has now been released in reaction to the sudden closure of Everysoft's Member Forum & Add-On Codebase. If you plan to enhance your existing EA 1.5x
Developer: Ernst (Ernie) Jacob, Jr. Platform: linux, windows, sun Date upd:2007-01-02 Hits1046 [Download] [Visit]
BayGenie tracks eBay auctions and automatically places bids in the last seconds of auctions. Features: integrated browser * supports 19 countries of eBay international sites, including eBay US, Canada, Germany and United Kingdom * eBay login integration * supports all time zones, does not
Developer: baygenie.com Platform: windows Date upd:2006-08-14 Hits828 [Download] [Visit]
Run your own online auction with our auction script. This powerfull auction software runs on a Mysql database for speed and reliability. Features include but not limited to: Unlimited categories and sub categories. Our own accounting program. Paypal integrated to accept payments with Paypal
Developer: Michael Ward Platform: linux Date upd:2007-03-18 Hits731 [Visit]
Run your own fully functional auction website, with full accounting, feedback, community, member stores and classifieds all built-in! Compare us to other software costing hundreds or even thousands! We can't be beaten on price or features...oh, and did we mention that you can resell
Developer: Angela Scott Platform: linux Date upd:2007-01-26 Hits719 [Download] [Visit]
Doesn't it deserve script support that's been developed with your up-to-the-minute needs in mind? Doesn't it deserve a system that can grow right along with it? Doesn't it deserve all the power you can give it, in a package so easy to use that
Developer: rscript.com Platform: Unix Date upd:2004-08-16 Hits669 [Visit]
A Perl Auction Script That Is Used WIDELY By webmasters! Create auction sites with unlimited categories, and set the price you wish to charge! There is only 1 file to upload to your CGI-Bin! Make a few changes, and WOW! You've got your own
Developer: 1dollarmarket.net Platform: linux Date upd:2007-06-07 Hits42 [Visit]
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