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A simplified version of its profesional mailing list. It is browser based with easy to setup variable configuration (no editing of text files). Includes an easy to use message form. The program is maintenance free and upgradeable to the profesional version without losing any
Developer: cosmicflame.com Platform: Unix, Linux, Win NT/2000 Date upd:2001-10-03 Hits1522 [Visit]
Customizable mini online monthly calendar displayed via SSI. Automatically list "X" number of nearest coming events under the calendar. Administrator can specify the value of "X". Automatic highlight current date. All dates with events are darker. Allow mutiple events per day. You are disallowed
Developer: Lawrence Lam Platform: linux Date upd:2005-07-17 Hits1928 [Visit]
FleXchange is a Perl script to recursively change permissions (and owning) of a file system's sub-tree. Using FleXchange you can, with only one command, set permission of all directories contained in the sub tree to 0755 and permission of files contained in each directory
Developer: bleah.it Platform: Unix Date upd:2002-05-24 Hits1028 [Download]
This is a multilingual link statistics and forwarding script with an unlimited number of links. When somebody follows one of your links it will be automatically recorded and your statistics will be adjusted accordantly. This script is free of banner ads.
Developer: add2it.com Platform: Unix & Windows servers Date upd:2003-08-27 Hits519 [Visit]
dbm is a very simple Perl 5 script which allows you to manipulate/read DBM files from the command line, or using your favourite editor. It supports any DBM formats which your system has Perl modules for.
Developer: new.ox.ac.uk Platform: Date upd:2000-03-13 Hits1991 [Download] [Visit]
The i-dreams.net guestbook server allows you to start a professional and secure guestbook service with a guestbook, that fulfills one's every wish. The administration pleases with clear structure and many functions. Some of the main functions are: clear user administration, sort and search, mailing
Developer: Karl Tschetschonig Platform: linux, windows, osx Date upd:2007-05-07 Hits2572 [Download] [Visit]
This is a simple Perl script that allows you to crypt a plain text password for use with web authentication. This script works best when run on the system you need passords for because some systems use a more secure crypt that ends up
Developer: xnet.com Platform: Date upd:1999-12-04 Hits2791 [Download] [Visit]
This script directly emulates those sites like pro-safelist.com. It is a feature packed full site program with everything needed to fully or partially automate this type of site and comes with paypal billing module built into it. All aspects of this type site are
Developer: Perlcoders Platform: linux Date upd:2006-03-02 Hits247 [Visit]
Upload Center is an expansion of the popular PS Upload. Upload Center requires a user to first sign up for a "Drop Box" before they can upload files. Features include: 2 levels of administration, control each members folder size, complete control of the web
Developer: perlservices.net Platform: Unix, Win NT Date upd:2001-08-22 Hits1940 [Visit]
These are E-commerce ready credit card processing scripts compatible with authorize.net. There are 3 seperate scripts for different uses.Allows users to join your membership based site.
Developer: Perlcoders Platform: linux Date upd:2006-06-07 Hits264 [Visit]
This is a Perl script for displaying information about the current visitor on your webpage. It can be used on your shopping cart's Check-Out page or your "Members Only Area". This script will cut down on illegal attempts to your "Members Area" and false
Developer: juniescreations.hypermart.net Platform: Unix Date upd:2001-03-27 Hits1382 [Visit]
This script allows your users to send an e-mail (written by you) to their friends just by entering their e-mail address and their friend's e-mail address. By making it easier for your users to tell their friends you will receive more hits.
Developer: shavenferret.com Platform: Unix Date upd:1999-07-14 Hits1697 [Visit]
Manage photos on your website with this easy to use photo album software. Generates thumbnail listings with titles that click to a full individual photo display pages that includes a full description of the photo. Allows multiple photo albums, online control panel, and free
Developer: KCScripts.com Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, sun Date upd:2007-02-10 Hits1989 [Visit]
This Picture Of The Day (POTD) script allows you to automatically display a new picture everyday without any uploading or editing of HTML pages.
Developer: script-central.com Platform: Unix Date upd:2003-10-02 Hits1169 [Visit]
This Perl script allows you to run up to 10 counters for all your web sites using one CGI script. You will have full control over all counters via your browser. NO SSI is required.
Developer: midmart.com Platform: Unix Date upd:2004-02-01 Hits4249 [Download] [Visit]
This script allows for people using browsers that are RFC1867 compliant to upload files directly through their web browser to your server. Administrators can configure for each users where file will be uploaded. This script is ideal for administrator's who want to allow users
Developer: ftls.org Platform: Date upd:2000-01-12 Hits15343 [Download] [Visit]
With Email This, you can create and set up any number of text files and allow your users to request one or more of the files via email by filing out a form you provide. It will then automatically email those files to them.
Developer: newdev.com Platform: Unix Date upd:1999-07-30 Hits1945 [Visit]
Feature packed, robust Multiple admin, Multiple Mailing list manger with subscriber and admin login area. List options include double opt in / out, subscriber notification, welcome message autoresponder, auto unsubscribe and profile links. Filter manager, bounce manager, HTML open rates, Advertising module, joint venture
Developer: perlscriptsjavascripts.com Platform: linux Date upd:2006-12-08 Hits1595 [Visit]
AutoQuotes allows you to create a Web based slide show with image variations and random quotes.
Developer: io.com Platform: Unix, Win NT Date upd:1999-07-21 Hits1174 [Visit]
With BAC News you can offer your members their choice of news feeds, grabbed from across the Internet and presented in a concise fashion on your site. Members can subscribe to the news sources you have on offer, or setup their own sources –
Developer: Ecreations Software Inc. Platform: linux Date upd:2005-04-20 Hits549 [Visit]
BS Banner is a random banner ad rotator written in Perl, it will allow a user to Display a random banner ad on each page of their site. (Requires SSI)
Developer: stanback.net Platform: Date upd:2000-06-12 Hits1540 [Visit]
HiData 2 is a highly sophisticated cross-platform website solution which enables webmasters to display and manage an online database with ease. Includes online admin for database setup and population - either add records individually or import / append from an existing CSV. Also includes
Developer: Hibyte Software Platform: linux, windows, freebsd Date upd:2006-02-11 Hits432 [Visit]
This is a fully featured version of Bestdam Logger Lite, a Website visitor logger and counter. Main features include: "period" log reports, with count summaries, can be automatically e-mailed to you daily or weekly (or not at all), the e-mailed log reports, can be
Developer: execpc.com Platform: Unix, Win NT Date upd:1999-11-17 Hits843 [Visit]
CAPFIX - A utility to fix capitalization of MP3 files. Copyleft 2005 - Nathan E. Pralle DESCRIPTION: I wrote this to recap, properly, the filenames of MP3 files. It takes the filename and nicely recaps it in proper format. SYNTAX: This utility requires a
Developer: Nathan Pralle Platform: linux Date upd:2005-06-22 Hits495 [Visit]
A plug-in database (for storefronts using CCNow's online payment service) - offering visitors express delivery options. C/w admin interface for search/add/edit/delete express delivery records. "Add to Cart" and "Check Out" buttons will be automatically created based on your CCNow account ID and the return
Developer: upoint.net Platform: Unix Date upd:2000-12-10 Hits918 [Visit]
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