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aspWebContacts is an .asp (Active Server Pages) script that allows you to easily create and maintain your contact database online. No configuration required. Just simply upload the script to your server and you're up and running. Highly configurable, the script supports: password protection, online
Developer: fullrevolution.com Platform: Win NT/2000 Date upd:2007-10-03 Hits2413 [Visit]
Create a day planner and schedule system that can be used and customized by visitors. This application mainly consists of a calendar, an address book and a simple schedule system that clients can use to record personal information.
Developer: aspEmporium.com Platform: Windows Date upd:2000-01-17 Hits17549 [Download] [Visit]
The Ocean12 ASP Contact Manager is an interactive address book written entirely in ASP and VBScript. It stores data in an Access 2000 database and is configured 100% through the web browser, which means an easy installation process.
Developer: scripts.ocean12tech.com Platform: Win NT/2000 Date upd:2002-02-11 Hits7851 [Visit]
Powerful web-based software for Contact Management and Sales Force Automation. The sales team security model is flexible enough to handle any type of sales team hierarchy ... which enables the separation of leads (companies and contacts) on a sales team basis. Includes unlimited actions
Developer: Surf Highway Software Platform: windows Date upd:2006-11-02 Hits5824 [Visit]
DayPoint Professional integrates already familiar and useful applications such as e-mail and calendaring functionalities with: * on-demand scheduling * contact management * task tracking * document sharing * shared calendar and contact information * customizable group and design options and more...
Developer: TeamPoint Systems, Inc. Platform: windows Date upd:2005-04-18 Hits4123 [Visit]
A simple, easy to use project management tool. Web-based using ASP (active server pages) and Microsoft Access. ASP Project Management can be setup in only a few minutes and ready to use. Open source GPL.
Developer: AP Group Platform: windows Date upd:2007-02-12 Hits3146 [Visit]
Our Contacts Database script allows a user to add, edit, or delete contact records through web forms. The script is like a rolodex that keeps track of phone and email information. The script is easy to setup. The data is stored in an Access
Developer: warhound.com Platform: Windows Date upd:2004-04-03 Hits2780 [Visit]
Construction project management is an online web-based tool to help keep all your constrution projects on time and under budget. construction project management is designed to maximize client satisfaction, providing effective communication between contractor and customer. construction project management is very easy to setup
Developer: CPMS Platform: windows Date upd:2006-12-05 Hits2674 [Visit]
Our Address Book script allows a user to maintain (add, edit, or delete) records via web forms. Ideal for keeping address information up-to-date and on-hand. The script is easy to setup. The information is stored in an Access database.
Developer: warhound.com Platform: Windows Date upd:2004-04-03 Hits2526 [Visit]
The TKC Contact Manager allows you to incorporate a professional contact management system into your existing web application. Using this component, you can manage individual and organization information and create groups for easy management. The user interface is clean, intuitive and flexible.
Developer: kerryco.com Platform: Windows NT/2000 Date upd:2002-02-27 Hits2328 [Visit]
All new User Interface New "admin" mode with access to change site settings Improved error handling Added field for "HomePage" Minor Bug fixes ClickContact 3.0 is a fully functional Active Server Pages (ASP) contact application that is easily incorporated into any existing web site
Developer: ClickTech, LLC Platform: windows Date upd:2005-12-05 Hits2322 [Visit]
A full-featured online address book application which gives you access to your address book anywhere in the world as long as you have a connection to the internet. Written entirely in ASP/VBScript.
Developer: Ocean12 Technologies Platform: windows Date upd:2005-01-02 Hits2150 [Visit]
Time management with ASP is a free, open source web-based time management application. Very easy to setup and use. Increase your productivity with a streamlined time management tool.
Developer: A-T Platform: windows Date upd:2007-02-12 Hits1738 [Visit]
TvAdmin is a small intranet for a tv channel, with an internal messaging service, and a daily program scheduling updater.
Developer: software.altuxa.com Platform: Asp-access Date upd:2004-02-18 Hits1578 [Download] [Visit]
15-30-60 min appointments software provides convenient and quick appointment booking for one or multiple employees. It also includes basic reporting/search tools, cutting and pasting client information to make multiple appointments. 15-30-60 min appointments is an Access based pure Active Server Pages (ASP) web application
Developer: Alexander Babichev Platform: windows Date upd:2007-01-31 Hits1390 [Visit]
The software is designed to capture work, assign it to team members, and track progress. It's as easy to use as any to-do list, but offers powerful features to stay organized. It supports file attachments, time & progress reporting, and allows item forwarding. Action
Developer: Softalot LLC Platform: windows Date upd:2005-09-08 Hits1388 [Visit]
Manage your tasks easily with this inexpensive tool. Features include: -Assign priorities to your tasks -Change task progress, filter by task status -Assign tasks to your peers -Customize what the task applies to -Edit task descriptions and the steps taken -New! e-mail notifications &
Developer: Mark Lashkevich Platform: windows Date upd:2004-09-29 Hits1301 [Download] [Visit]
We have created Project and Team Manger to be as flexible as possible. We have paid special attention to making it as fast and easy as possible to use. A difference you will notice with Project and Team Manager is this flexibility. Often you
Developer: QGSoftware Platform: windows Date upd:2005-04-28 Hits1263 [Visit]
A basic address book that supports unlimited number of groupings with unlimited number of contacts. Plug & Play, easy to install and to configure. Codes are designed in 2-tier structure, allows customization and enhancements to be made easily without massive code changes. License allows
Developer: hammerng.net Platform: Windows Date upd:2003-05-19 Hits1242 [Visit]
1. Highly Customisable Leave - Payroll - Project Management with leave/sickness-absence/tr avel tracker 2. Tally and Generate quick status report on Payroll and Leave - Absence Status 3. Highly configurable system to match the processes and rules of your organization 4. Configurable groups to
Developer: http Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2006-12-17 Hits1005 [Visit]
Unilabplus introduces its core product I-mgmt as the base station for all of its modules. If you're in small or large business (or a department or division of a very large organization) and need and contact management software that works well for both your
Developer: Stefanos Cunning Platform: windows Date upd:2004-12-31 Hits950 [Visit]
Professional contact manager designed for offices and networks. Manage all your current and potential contacts. Add unlimited contacts, send preformatted letters, track contact history, research sent letters, and distribute internal messages to one, more or all users. Administrator access: Add unlimited users, insert, edit,
Developer: ClientZoo.com Platform: windows Date upd:2004-11-27 Hits882 [Visit]
The Dragon Internet Business Search Directory - Pro is probably one of the most feature packed business directory applications available. Although initially conceived as a pure Business Directory it lends itself ideally to any fully featured Listing Application, which can readily customised for various
Developer: Dragon Internet Platform: windows Date upd:2006-09-28 Hits711 [Visit]
Do you need an address book online? Install "Asp Address Book". Requirements: Windows server running IIS, MS Access Database, No Asp components. Compatibility: IE,NS,FF.
Developer: Alexander Babichev Platform: windows Date upd:2006-09-13 Hits607 [Visit]
Take phone messages for your office or business. Message System collects contact numbers of all incoming calls, stores and organizes archived messages for quick and easy searching. Check your messages and access your contact list anywhere in the world. •> Stop searching through memo
Developer: exJune Platform: windows Date upd:2005-03-16 Hits589 [Visit]
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