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ASPWebMail is a complete web based mail solution for IIS servers, with a licensed ActiveX mail control included. It mimics the mail functionality of Outlook on the web, and is highly configurable. It allows you to check, save, reply and send email from several
Developer: iisworks Platform: windows Date upd:2007-04-30 Hits25393 [Visit]
AspEmail is a free active server component that enables your ASP application to send email messages via any external SMTP server. The component supports multiple file attachments, multiple recipients, CCs, BCCs, and REPLY-TOs.
Developer: aspemail.com Platform: Windows Date upd:1999-09-24 Hits19713 [Visit]
This application was developed for a intranet project, and would be useful for any small to medium sized organisation who use a Windows NT Server, or even just a Networked Windows 95 solution running the personal web server, and who want an e-mail system,
Developer: asp-dev.com Platform: Win 9x/NT Date upd:2000-06-10 Hits17892 [Download] [Visit]
aspSmartMail allows you to add the email features in your web apps. Key features include: SMTP (sending) Messages, Plain text or HTML for the message's body, Priority settings, Carbon Copy (CC), Blind Carbon Copy (BCC), Reply-To, ConfirmReading and ReturnReceipt, US ASCII, ContentType headers, Custom
Developer: aspsmart.com Platform: Date upd:2000-06-16 Hits12791 [Visit]
Allows users to post to a form and get the contents in an email. You can specify recipient, recipient name, sender, sender name, subject, message. There are also options for how the confirmation page is show and for sending the email in HTML format.
Developer: redeggs.co.uk Platform: ASP v3 with CDONTS support Date upd:2005-04-27 Hits12544 [Visit]
Dundas Mailer, is a server-side ASP component used for sending e-mail messages and posting articles utilizing the SMTP, MIME and NNTP protocols. With methods such as EncodeHeader, Quicksend & ValidateAddress and properties such as Priority, ConfirmRead & ReturnReceipt, Dundas Mailer offers tremendous flexibility and
Developer: dundas.com Platform: Win NT 4 Option pack 4+ Date upd:2000-05-15 Hits11291 [Download] [Visit]
This package includes ASP code to write e-mail messages to a file and a VB application that checks this file for messages at specified intervals and sends them. This solution is useful if you don't have CDONTS installed on your web server, or you
Developer: freevbcode.com Platform: Date upd:2000-04-24 Hits11224 [Download] [Visit]
Webmail GUI with the same friendly layout of a desktop application. The main window includes a tree of folders on the left, a toolbar on the top, and the listing and message on the right. Inbox, Sent, Deleted and user-created folders stored in database.
Developer: webmailasp.net Platform: ASP Date upd:2003-02-17 Hits9067 [Visit]
MailBee WebMail Lite is ASP webmail application which supports AJAX and skins. Users can receive, view, manage, compose, and send email through web interface (POP3 and SMTP supported). Supports multiple attachments, ESMTP, skins, web-based administration. Correctly displays HTML mail. Easy install. Source code included.
Developer: Alex Platform: windows Date upd:2006-09-01 Hits8743 [Download] [Visit]
IP*Works! WebMail is a full-featured web-based Email client with a rich set of customizable features, and includes full ASP source code. IP*Works! WebMail is similar to other commercial Email clients such as Microsoft Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail. This web-based solution is aimed at giving
Developer: nsoftware.com Platform: Win NT/2000 Date upd:2002-01-07 Hits8580 [Download] [Visit]
Using JMail will enable you to easily send email from your web page through the web server - without having to use an email client such as Eudora, Exchange or Outlook. Key features include: Attachments, Return Receipt, Log files, Set Priority, MIME and BASE64
Developer: dimac.net Platform: Windows 95/NT Date upd:1999-10-07 Hits8286 [Visit]
JMailbox is a complete web based email client written in 100% ASP using the JMail API. No other components or DLLs are required. This is not a replacement for your usual email client. Rather it is a handy web application for when you are
Developer: JMailbox.org Platform: Date upd:2002-05-02 Hits7536 [Visit]
This object for Macromédia Dreamweaver 2 allows you to easily create an ASP script that creates server generated e_mail.
Developer: web.gmg.ch Platform: Date upd:2000-02-18 Hits7399 [Download] [Visit]
This is the ONLY script you need to send forms, ever. You can use it with ANY form, just adjust the outgoing e-mail html tags to the client and the visitor, that's it. You can use it over and over again for every form.
Developer: Roel Krottje Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2005-12-29 Hits7055 [Download] [Visit]
sends a formatted email - makes the data more readable easily add new input fields, just add to HTML form and these will be sent - no code changes required to the ASP code checks all fields are completed, if not then returns to
Developer: asp.thedemosite.co.uk Platform: Any server running ASP Date upd:2004-03-19 Hits6860 [Download] [Visit]
The Chilkat ActiveX component provides objects for creating, sending and retrieving Internet e-mail. It fully supports SMTP, POP3, MIME, HTML, SSL, S/MIME, secure authentication, attachments, SSL, progress monitoring, zip and unzip of attachments, XML import/export, and is fully internationalized to handle email in any
Developer: Chilkat Software Inc Platform: windows Date upd:2006-07-15 Hits6733 [Download] [Visit]
A classic ASP POP3/SMTP mail component with advanced features including: full S/MIME capability, MHTML, multipart/alternative, multipart/related, attachments, advanced AES encryption, charset conversion, progress monitoring, import EML, import/export XML, mail-merge, distribution lists, Zip attachments, bad email address detection/collection, SMTP Windows Integrated Authorization, smart cards, SMTP/POP3
Developer: Chilkat Software Inc Platform: windows Date upd:2006-07-19 Hits6369 [Download] [Visit]
It is a program for emailing a file from the client's computer by email using CDONTS feature of ASP. No third party utility for uploading the file to the server is needed. Simple codes that need to be included for the execution of the
Developer: phytoon.com Platform: Win NT/2000 Date upd:2001-04-09 Hits6046 [Download] [Visit]
Setup in a few minutes personal webbased mail server without installing any additional software. This Webmail system written on 100% pure ASP with no ActiveX/COM's or any other software installation required. POP3 is also not required! Functions already working: Check Mail, Compose Message, Reply,
Developer: arachnoware.com Platform: Windows 2000 Date upd:2003-01-22 Hits5403 [Visit]
This consists of 3 simple .asp files that can be used for sending the contents of a form via email. Simple to use and can be easily customised to suit any need.
Developer: totalasp.co.uk Platform: ASP Date upd:2001-11-05 Hits5366 [Visit]
Offer your visitors a newsletter with this easy to install freeware code. Allows visitors the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe. Customizable to fit your website's look.
Developer: Sidney Forcier Platform: windows Date upd:2006-03-20 Hits5209 [Download] [Visit]
Using this component you send out emails from your ASP page. Some of its features include multiple recipients, CC and BCC.
Developer: dynu.com Platform: Date upd:1999-11-09 Hits4862 [Download] [Visit]
Web based email application - will run on your shared hosting account no need to have dedicated server - you can say clone of yahoo mail system almost all features that hotmail provides Mail you like have . You can also send and receive
Developer: Suhail Kaleem Platform: windows Date upd:2005-04-05 Hits4485 [Visit]
AspMail allows you to send mail using the standard SMTP protocol from any program that can use ActiveX/OLE components. Features include: SMTP (sending) Messages, Multiple File Attachments, File attachments support MIME and UUEncoding, US Ascii and ISO-8859-1 character sets, PGP, Subject line encoding for
Developer: serverobjects.com Platform: Win95/NT Date upd:1999-12-20 Hits4264 [Download] [Visit]
My Mail Application is an ASP Webmail client new application which will make email management and business communications manageable and efficient.
Developer: mailyoulike.com Platform: Win NT/XP Date upd:2004-07-29 Hits4133 [Visit]
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