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The event calendar has now been updated to allow multiple events per day, also these events can be categorised under unlimited categories. Administrators can add as many categories as they wish, when adding a new event simply choose which category the event belongs. Visitors
Developer: John Penfold Platform: windows Date upd:2005-04-19 Hits50522 [Visit]
This simple ASP code allows you to create a calendar with today highlighted on your Web site. It lets you choose a day, month, and year to view, and with some minor modification will even put your events onto the page on the proper
Developer: asp101.com Platform: Date upd:1999-10-18 Hits35590 [Download] [Visit]
Web Calendar Lite is a free ASP calendar application with a user-friendly interface. You can add and delete entries. Uses an Access 2000 Database.
Developer: ewebb.it Platform: Win NT Date upd:2001-03-14 Hits34136 [Download] [Visit]
This is an ASP-based event calendar application designed for Internet Information Server 4.0 and ADO 2.0. It features password protected Web admin panel for managing the event database.
Developer: alphasierrapapa.com Platform: Win NT Date upd:2003-08-27 Hits22322 [Download] [Visit]
Compulsive Events System is a calendar of upcoming events. You can specify event title, venue, date and description. Full installation and operating instructions are included in the distribution file. Now offering the facility to only showing up coming events.
Developer: compulsive.co.uk Platform: IIS Date upd:2002-05-21 Hits22126 [Visit]
Add a dynamic events calendar to your website or intranet, manage and display daily, weekly or montly events. Simply click into specific days and navigate montly or yearly forwards and backwards. An MS Access, MSSQL or MySQL database is used as backend. Can either
Developer: Livio Siri Platform: windows Date upd:2006-11-19 Hits15062 [Download] [Visit]
This is an ASP-based calendar/datepicker application. It features: Server component, output is pure HTML, versatile configurable, full CSS support. Individual items such as days, weeks or months can be set as links. Supports many languages.
Developer: Michael Schneider Platform: windows Date upd:2004-09-07 Hits10874 [Download] [Visit]
Free Event Calendar written in ASP. Features include unlimited entries, organized in category. Events displayed with full description, date, location. Users can submit new events and search for events. Complete Web-based Admin. Dreamweaver friendly.
Developer: duware.com Platform: Windows Date upd:2003-08-13 Hits10851 [Visit]
FlatCalendarXP is arguably the most powerful and configurable JavaScript calendar available. There are very few, if any, things that other JavaScript calendars can do that FlatCalendarXP can not. You'll be amazed to see how simple and fast it is to get it generated by
Developer: Idemfactor Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2007-02-04 Hits10514 [Visit]
Mondo Calendar is an easy to use ASP event calendar system. With just 4 files you can add a fast, custom event calendar to your website. Features include: Easy to customize look and feel, Include on any ASP page w/2 lines of code, Accepts
Developer: warrenstudios.com Platform: Date upd:2000-07-19 Hits10459 [Download] [Visit]
myLittleCalendar is a free calendar component for .ASP pages. myLittleCalendar is written as a .wsc component (scriptlet) and is provided in source code format (VBScript). Sent as a .zip archive with a wizard and several samples.
Developer: mylittletools.net Platform: Win NT Date upd:2001-07-05 Hits9540 [Visit]
This is a group calendar application that allows you to build collective event calendars. Features: Calendar view with bold marking of dates with events ("Outlook Like"); Annual planning view; Formatted text (bolds, links, etc) on the event description; Any number of attached files on
Developer: siteapps.com Platform: Win NT/2000 Date upd:2001-10-04 Hits9415 [Visit]
Web based calendar that looks and feels like a desktop application. Full recurring event support, new email notifications, allow or not allow double booking, NEW printing interface, NEW color schemes, better LCID support and much more!
Developer: fullrevolution.com Platform: Win NT/2000/XP/PWS Date upd:2005-04-14 Hits8338 [Visit]
Streamline your business processes and job functions with our time management solution, Air Time. It is a web-based planner, calendar, scheduling manager, task manager, event manager, project manager, and contact manager. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly task planning interfaces. Schedules can be created for projects,
Developer: Surf Highway Software Platform: windows Date upd:2006-11-02 Hits6693 [Visit]
calendar() displays a calendar page of the chosen month and year. The function takes a date string as its only parameter. For the current server date to be used, a null must be passed. This is the ASP version of calendar.php. It was a
Developer: Francisco Charrua Platform: windows Date upd:2005-04-17 Hits6563 [Visit]
A fully functional Date Picker able to: Navigate Months and Years, Highlight Todays Date, Change Colors, Add Client or Server Side Events to each Date, Populate Form Fields with the Selected Date, Advanced DHTML to Multi-Select Dates, 7 Different Language Settings. With 15 ready
Developer: visualasp.com Platform: Win 2000/NT/98/95 Date upd:2003-02-27 Hits6314 [Download] [Visit]
webCal is a full featured calendar for the web designed with ASP. Features include: Support for multiple users, including a web based user manager, Events may be designated public or private, Scheduled events can be configured as recurring (daily, bi-weekly, etc.), Entering dates in
Developer: webott.com Platform: Date upd:1999-06-26 Hits6249 [Visit]
Chimera Scheduling Software is easy to use free asp based calendar task list software. The calendar is easy to install and supports ether an easy to use access database or MySQL database for backend data storage. If you are looking for software to allow
Developer: ZC Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2005-04-19 Hits5968 [Visit]
Do you find it more and more difficult to keep track of what you have to do? We now offer you a tool to help organize your schedule, keep an events agenda or even build a blog. MX Calendar is the perfect Dreamweaver extension
Developer: InterAKT Online Platform: windows, osx Date upd:2006-05-23 Hits5938 [Download] [Visit]
eReservation is an ASP resource allocation/reservation software which is accessible by users on an intranet or internet. With the day, week and month calendar views and user friendly interface, users can reserve a resource such as a meeting room, hairdresser appointments, dinner reservations and
Developer: Enthrallweb Inc. Platform: windows Date upd:2005-04-07 Hits5751 [Visit]
Add dynamic calendars to any Web site or intranet using this time saving component. Built as a front end interface as well as a tool to integrate with dated content, there's not an easier way to add calendar functions.
Developer: aspmodules.com Platform: Date upd:2000-12-12 Hits5091 [Visit]
VCalendar (Virtual Calendar) is an open source Web calendar application with related tools, for posting and maintaining events and schedules online, in calendar format. Unlike any other online calendars, VCalendar comes with source code in PHP, ASP and ASP.NET (C# and VB.NET); with potential
Developer: Alexey Petrov Platform: linux, windows Date upd:2006-03-16 Hits4930 [Download] [Visit]
This simple application shows the current month's calendar on your page as seen on the bottom left of our site. It will automatically show the current days event, previous Events from this and last month, future events from this and next month. Complete with
Developer: ECD Designs Platform: windows Date upd:2006-02-23 Hits4725 [Download] [Visit]
Simple to use ASP class for generating a calendar on a website. Supports highlightning of days, dayspans and weeks. The looks are very customizable using CSS.
Developer: Karl-Johan Sjögren Platform: windows Date upd:2006-01-02 Hits4610 [Download] [Visit]
The ASP Events Calendar lets you manage and display events on a monthly calendar. It works either as a stand-alone site or as a plug-in addition to your own site. View the large Calendar directly, or include a small Calendar on your other Web
Developer: krafft.com Platform: Windows/IIS Date upd:2003-08-28 Hits4568 [Visit]
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