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Process application/x-www-form-urlencoded, multipart/form-data, multipart/related and other multipart source stream to collection of form fields with this COM object. Works with up to 2GB forms with minimum memory/processor resources.
Developer: pstruh.cz Platform: Win 95/NT/2000/XP Date upd:2002-03-27 Hits2202 [Download] [Visit]
an unlimited Number of galleries. Create as many galleries as you want on flight! - an unlimited Number of pictures by galleries. - Delivered multilingual English/French. You can add custum languages by editing the file _ params.asp. - Options of the administration panel: .
Developer: sdiop - PlaneteAfrique Platform: windows Date upd:2007-05-09 Hits9864 [Visit]
Web based RealEstate MLS listing software, a great way to automate you small website portfolio. Enter newly listed programs via any web browser adding realtime property listings to your site. Easy to manage and update without the need to learn web programming or hiring
Developer: Scott A. Pettner Platform: windows Date upd:2006-09-15 Hits1225 [Visit]
DMXReady Job Listing Manager is a great tool for creating and maintaining a job board/positions available section of any ASP-enabled website. Visitors can easily navigate its user-friendly interface, and can view available jobs by location, job type, or even by doing a keyword search.
Developer: DMXReady Platform: linux, windows Date upd:2005-05-19 Hits1803 [Visit]
FrontGates Dev Mailer/Website - CustomizeX is an app project for the FrontGates Dev Framework Website (a downloadable project itself). It allows users to customize the whole website's colors and even have the ability to add background images, submit their own customizations and/or selection from
Developer: raistlin.sytes.net Platform: Windows 2000 Pro Date upd:2002-07-26 Hits1936 [Download] [Visit]
1. Highly Customisable Leave - Payroll - Project Management with leave/sickness-absence/tr avel tracker 2. Tally and Generate quick status report on Payroll and Leave - Absence Status 3. Highly configurable system to match the processes and rules of your organization 4. Configurable groups to
Developer: http Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2006-12-17 Hits1005 [Visit]
You can easily publish your news with GkNscripts News Scroller. Supports Vertical scrolling.
Developer: GkN Platform: windows Date upd:2006-07-15 Hits1278 [Visit]
Sites are usually organized in zones with several pages each. The search engine allows for the grouping of pages in Classes, each reflecting the site organization. For each page there are 4 field types to be filled: Page Name, Page Web Address, Page Class,
Developer: siteapps.com Platform: Win NT/2000 Date upd:2001-05-25 Hits2990 [Visit]
Built to be a dedicated web-application, besides the user friendly GUI, every feature is easy to manage and access directly via a browser. With a system of intricate management and moderation such as users by group ID and access levels. Supports both MS Access
Developer: tawarnolds.com Platform: Windows NT/2000 Date upd:2002-10-08 Hits2604 [Visit]
BBC Webgallery is a script that will help you to create an online photo album without any manually work at all. Just upload your pictures and the album is updated immediately. Thumbnails are created automaticlly and are not saved on your server. This is
Developer: Brian Brinch Christensen Platform: windows Date upd:2006-03-29 Hits9098 [Download] [Visit]
ActiveX UserManager is a set of simple objects for creating, deleting, and managing user accounts, groups, servers and domains in the Windows NT environment. Enables work with user accounts and groups from VBS/JS, ASP and T-SQL. Features include: Add and remove users and groups,
Developer: pstruh.cz Platform: Win NT Date upd:2000-01-12 Hits4434 [Download] [Visit]
WebQuiz XP is the new software product which allows you to create interactive HTML quizzes, tests and assessments that you can immediately answer on-screen or publish to the Internet. By using an easy wizard, you can enter the questions, add pictures and equations, define
Developer: SmartLite Software Platform: windows Date upd:2005-04-16 Hits3209 [Download] [Visit]
BrightSuite WorkGroup is a web-based knowledge management and group collaboration application. Collaboration features include document management, unlimited calendars, discussion boards, team task and to-do list managers, resource manager, project reporting, experts database, photo galleries, slide shows, chat and employee, business, and contacts directories.
Developer: dcasoft.com Platform: Win NT/2000/XP Pro Date upd:2002-06-04 Hits6173 [Download] [Visit]
Customized version of Window Hosting Control Panel supports all popular Email servers, DNS servers, FTP servers, Statistics servers, database servers, domain registrant services, and payment gateway. Parsv Control Panel can be used by most of all Windows based Web hosting services. The Web Hosting
Developer: Parsv Technologies Platform: windows Date upd:2006-01-05 Hits1994 [Download]
This is ASP script to enable lookup geographic location such as country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIPcode, Timezone, ISP, domain and netspeed from IP address by using IP2Location database. By knowing the location of visitors in real time, Web sites can display localized content,
Developer: IP2Location Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2007-02-08 Hits303 [Download] [Visit]
This application lets your staff or independent writers post news on your news portal.
Developer: aspsql.com Platform: Win 2000 Date upd:2003-04-16 Hits1284 [Visit]
Allow your users to Pre-Qualify themselves using this application, then you can obtain user data and On-line Pre-Qualifications submitted to you in real time. This is a Hosted Application.
Developer: David Ortuno Platform: linux, windows Date upd:2007-04-24 Hits666 [Visit]
This is a highly configurable web-based application that allows you to converts your HTML to ASP response.write statements.
Developer: equanimity.nl Platform: Date upd:2001-07-31 Hits1650 [Visit]
Streamline your business processes and job functions with our time management solution, Air Time. It is a web-based planner, calendar, scheduling manager, task manager, event manager, project manager, and contact manager. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly task planning interfaces. Schedules can be created for projects,
Developer: Surf Highway Software Platform: windows Date upd:2006-11-02 Hits6693 [Visit]
This script will hide the real location of your images so only you can link to them. If anyone else tries to link to an image through this script, they will get a bad referrer image instead.
Developer: bitbucketheaven.com Platform: IIS 3.0-up Date upd:2002-12-18 Hits5369 [Download] [Visit]
This powerful new tool is the only program you’ll need to create your Webpages. Use Article Publisher to create and manage content, generate search-engine-friendly URLs, and pinpoint which Webpages net you the most readers. Advanced WYSIWYG editing, best-of-breed imaging functionality, and customizable features make
Developer: ARSIDIAN LLC Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:0000-00-00 Hits573 [Download] [Visit]
Give your website a robust, tracable contact/support solution. Users create their own accounts and log "Tickets". Can have unlimited Support Operators to reply to the tickets. Live demo at the site
Developer: BPS Designs Ltd. Platform: windows Date upd:2005-08-22 Hits1236 [Visit]
Imagine a scenario when you have a big library of classes and functions written in ASP. The size of the libary can be several megabytes and the library is written in a mix of JScript, VBScript and other scripting languages. You need to write
Developer: clockworksoftware.com Platform: Windows Date upd:2003-01-13 Hits1117 [Download] [Visit]
Top Rated free ASP Shopping Cart since year 2000 with Web Control Panel and StoreFront. Simple 3 Step Checkout, SEO friendly, taxes, PayPal Standard, unlimited shipping rules, multilanguage, stock, RC4 encryption, auctions, reviews, order tracking, multilevel categories, digital goods distribution (serials, links, images, mp3).
Developer: Comersus Open Technologies LC Platform: linux, windows Date upd:2007-06-07 Hits59122 [Download] [Visit]
The product catalog displays items from a database based on categories and sub categories selected by the client. Combining this script with <a href=http://www.hotscripts.com/Detailed/4133.html target="_4133">Shopping Cart</a> script, you can create a very simple ecommerce system that allows viewers to select items for purchase from
Developer: aspemporium.com Platform: Windows Date upd:2000-02-13 Hits25628 [Visit]
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