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The ASP version of HAWHAW is no longer available.
Developer: hawhaw.de Platform: Date upd:2004-06-24 Hits2239 [Visit]
Unilabplus introduces its core product I-mgmt as the base station for all of its modules. If you're in small or large business (or a department or division of a very large organization) and need and contact management software that works well for both your
Developer: Stefanos Cunning Platform: windows Date upd:2004-12-31 Hits950 [Visit]
COMobjects.NET Picture Processor is an ActiveX component which provides image stretching, rotating, cropping, watermarking, saving to ASP document stream and to Jpeg or BMP file. It supports various file formats including: PGM, PNG, TGA, TIFF, JPEG, PCX, BMP, etc.
Developer: comobjects.net Platform: Date upd:2001-10-22 Hits1920 [Download] [Visit]
ASP VT-Auth allows you to have a global authentication system for members of your website, protect any number of pages and directories. You don't need MS Access, mySQL or SQL databases to store usernames and passwords! All login information stored in one small text
Developer: Vlad Titarenko Platform: linux, windows Date upd:2005-02-16 Hits2743 [Download] [Visit]
ShotIp is an OLE automation application (COM application, ASP component etc.) that allows your scripts to connect with other computers on Internet or intranet networks "on the fly". In several strings of code you can retrieve text or binary data from remote Web host,
Developer: shotgraph.aspcafe.com Platform: Windows 9x/NT/2000 Date upd:2001-02-26 Hits2527 [Download] [Visit]
This is a fully functional cart that contains an admin section. It includes the Access 2000 databse and the ASP open source code.
Developer: web-personalities.com Platform: Windows Date upd:2003-05-12 Hits5691 [Visit]
This is the ONLY script you need to send forms, ever. You can use it with ANY form, just adjust the outgoing e-mail html tags to the client and the visitor, that's it. You can use it over and over again for every form.
Developer: Roel Krottje Platform: linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun Date upd:2005-12-29 Hits7055 [Download] [Visit]
ASP/SQL-SERVER code example for zip code distance calculation. Download php/mysql function to integrate postal codes radius search into your website. Georeferenced postal code files available for 50 countries worldwide.
Developer: Peter Hammer Platform: windows Date upd:2007-04-05 Hits186 [Visit]
This is a very easy to set up newsletter application that allows users to subscribe and unsubscribe to your newsletter, and allows you to easily manage your lists and users - sending individual emails as well as the main newsletter. You can set up
Developer: dotdragnet.co.uk Platform: Win NT/2K Date upd:2001-09-25 Hits12883 [Visit]
MX Store is a complete E-commerce package that allows store owners to add a line of products to the store from an easy to use administration control panel, add products with images, descriptions, postage costs and more just like any of the top online
Developer: CodeFire MX Platform: windows Date upd:2007-05-20 Hits4572 [Download] [Visit]
IOnEdit 2001 makes it possible for anyone to create, edit and maintain web pages, without the need for HTML knowledge or programming specialists. IOnEdit 2001, utilizing a familiar graphical editor, handles the conversion of plain text to HTML behind the scenes so users can
Developer: ionedit.com Platform: Win NT, Unix, Linux, AIX Date upd:2001-12-12 Hits3417 [Visit]
With ASP Online Documents you can publish and manage online contents/articles or any other kind of information for your intranet or internet site quickly and easily. Main features include: unlimited number of categories and articles, show article list in paged, search capability with highlighted
Developer: yusasp.com Platform: All Windows, IE5++, PWS/IIS Date upd:2003-08-28 Hits5331 [Visit]
A highly configurable guest book that works with just about any web page design. Features: template-based; sends eMail to owner upon new entry; "bad" word filter; can post entry immediately or waits for approval of administer; can be configured so that guest can sign
Developer: themusicpages.com Platform: Windows Date upd:2003-09-07 Hits1530 [Visit]
Uses the DOM to generate RSS behind an interface of nested objects. So to set the channel's title, you say RSS.Channel.Title = "My Weblog". Supports Dublin Core, Creative Commons, and Syndication modules. Can be used to generate RSS on-the-fly (with Conditional GET support) or
Developer: agresticism.org Platform: Windows Date upd:2003-06-17 Hits1261 [Download] [Visit]
VisualSoft SecureDev is a comprehensive suite of cryptographic and secure data communication components. The components in this suite include VisualSoft Crypt, VisualSoft CryptPlus, VisualSoft Mail, VisualSoft HTTP, VisualSoft XMLSecure, and VisualSoft FSecure. VisualSoft SecureDev suite can be used to provide total security for eBusiness
Developer: visualsafe.com Platform: Win 95/98/NT/2000 Date upd:2001-09-18 Hits1041 [Download] [Visit]
Perfect Guestbook that combines fully customizable layout and powerful features with easy-to-use Control Panel.
Developer: MagicScripts Platform: windows Date upd:2004-09-10 Hits1799 [Visit]
SA-FileManager is a single, easy to use component that addresses all of your File Management needs. Features include: 100% script compatible with the Microsoft Scripting.FileSystemObject, File Encryption, Access Control List Manipulation, File Ownership, LogonUser / RevertToSelf, Show security context of current thread, Binary File
Developer: softartisans.com. Platform: Win 95/98/NT Date upd:2000-02-21 Hits9125 [Download] [Visit]
ASP String Processing Component - Parsing, RFC 822 and RFC 3339 Date/Time Conversion, Encoding/Decoding for Base64, Hex, HTML Entities, URL-encoded, Quoted-Printable, Unicode Language Detection, Charset Encoding Conversion, Pluralize/Unpluralize, HTML Stripping, Wildcard Pattern Matching, Emit Multibyte, Load/Save Multibyte Text Files, etc.
Developer: Chilkat Software, Inc. Platform: windows Date upd:2006-11-04 Hits523 [Download] [Visit]
Reciprocal Link Exchange Lite is a user-friendly, professional database driven Link Exchange system, this is a fully search engine friendly category and link indexing directory. Features include new link notification, ability to edit, delete, approve and reject links as well as edit, delete and
Developer: Web Site Design World Platform: windows Date upd:2006-10-25 Hits264 [Visit]
Web-based events calendar that features AJAX-powered interface, multi-day & recurring events, maintain unlimited calendars from a single application, provide users with administrative access, export events to VCAL, users can RSVP events, and much more!
Developer: Ocean12 Technologies Platform: windows Date upd:2007-01-02 Hits717 [Visit]
Easily count and display the number of click through from your site with a database. Simply set all the links that you want to track to a single asp document and pass the URL as a querystring variable. The following example will display a
Developer: codeave.com Platform: Date upd:2001-02-26 Hits10601 [Visit]
Visitor Count lets you display the amount of active users currently surfing on your site. It is a great way for: a) administrators to add a feature to their site; b) administrators to be able to see how many people are surfing right that
Developer: wirednow.net Platform: Win NT Date upd:2003-08-28 Hits4615 [Visit]
Just like countdown-clock.js, this script allows you to place countdown clocks on your web site. Unlike that one, whose computed time period depends on the settings of the visitor's computer, this script counts down to the server's date. It is very similar to countdown-clock.js,
Developer: Francisco Charrua Platform: windows Date upd:2004-10-15 Hits2992 [Download] [Visit]
Designed using ASP.NET 2 Technology User-friendly interface,Designed like DotNetNuke File Manager with the tree based file explorer Powerful file manager with no need for FTP, upload files from your hard drive, copy, rename, delete files and more. Build in C# Technology that fully utilise
Developer: webhostforasp.net developers Platform: Date upd:2006-09-12 Hits829 [Download]
M-Arabic is an ActiveX component for sending Arabic email from ASP Web sites and Microsoft Windows applications. It works as an ActiveX object but also exposes DLL functions directly. It includes an EXE for CGI operation via XMLHTTP. M-Arabic can construct and send professional
Developer: marabic.com Platform: Windows Date upd:2003-05-07 Hits761 [Download] [Visit]
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