QuickPlay Thoroughbred House Racing Hand

QuickPlay Thoroughbred Horse Racing Handicapper (QuickPlay) is handicapping software that can help you make money. Whether wagering on longshots, playing the exotic bets, or betting to win, QuickPlay can help you achieve success.

Handicapping the horse races is an art. No software exists that will consistantly pick the winner for you no matter what the software author claims. One reason for this is that every horse in a horse race has a chance of winning.  

QuickPlay Thoroughbred Horse Racing Handicapper shows you pertinent information so you can make an informed decision as to which horse should win.

QuickPlay comes with a "Trainer Tricks" button. After you have downloaded and run your Brisnet DRF File in QuickPlay, at the push of a button comes all the longshots for your track for that day.  It is based on past proven trainer or horse performance angles. Handicapping longshots was never easier.

You can download the QuickPlay Thoroughbred Horse Racing Handicapper Evaluation version and try it for 10 days free of charge.  Try it for yourself and see if it is right for you.

Note: You will need a Brisnet account to download Brisnet's DRF Data File, single format.

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