Privacy Killer

Are you concerned about your privacy? Did you know Windows stores a list of websites you have visited, in your computer? Even deleting your files manually, the list still stays intact! Let Privacy Killer take care of all this for you. 

Privacy Killer will clean and protect your privacy by deleting your Windows and Browsing history. Its easy to use elegant interface lets you complete complicated and long tasks which can be achieved manually, simply with a click of a button. It supports major browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, AOL, Netscape, and Opera. It can also take care of many Other Applications history by just selecting your desired program name from the list. Privacy Killer comes equipped with 50 ready to use PlugIns. With the PlugIn Manager, anyone can simply create their own Custom PlugIns, to suit their needs. You select what history to be cleared from your pc and leave the rest to Privacy Killer.

File Shredder - Deletes your files securely. Makes them Unrecoverable.

StartUp Manager - Is Windows loading slow on start up? Is your pc not as fast as it used to be? Then use the StartUp Manager to get rid of any unwanted programs from loading when Windows is started. This will dramatically improve the speed of your boot time.

Uninstall Manager - Wouldn't you like to be able to simply search for a program you wish to Uninstall? Wouldn't you like to simply have newly installed programs Highlighted for you? Or maybe you'd want to find detailed Uninstall information about software. Well all you need then is the Privacy Killer's Uninstall Manager. It simply loads 4x faster than the Windows 'Add or Remove Programs'.

Registry Manager - Is your Registry messy? Are there lots of Empty keys left behind by applications? Well now you can simply let the Registry Manager scan and tell you what the problems in your Registry are. You can then fix those problems and let Privacy Killer's Registry Manager take care of all this for you. 

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