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lazylooper 1.0

 lazylooper 1.0 details
 Freeware (Free)
 2.3 MB MB
 Operating System:
 Windows ME/NT 3.x/NT/XP/2000
 System requirements:
 Win98SE or higher, 16MB HD - Microsoft operating system: Windows ME/NT 3.x/NT/XP/2000.
 Date added:
 Date updated:

 lazylooper description

  Lazylooper automates the loading of your favorite web pages, essentially creating a slideshow of the web sites listed in your 'Favorites' folder. This program is especially useful if you frequent sites that change content often like news sites, blogs, webmail, and forums, etc. Lazylooper will cycle through them at user-defined intervals, randomly or sequentially, all with one press of the button.
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