Jpegcrop Software

The Jpegcrop Windows Application was initially developed to provide a convenient interactive user interface for the new jpegtran -crop feature. It has now developed to a nearly complete user interface replacement for jpegtran, and furthermore for demonstration of the enhanced djpeg -scale feature. The most wanted feature currently for Jpegcrop is a "constrained aspect ratio" crop mode. If you need such a function to crop your photo images to the common 10x15 (3:2) photo frame, have a look at Stefan Scherer's Jpegcrop with FotoFrame feature. This is a preliminary Jpegcrop extension until an 'official' version will be available someday. Thanks to Stefan Scherer for this contribution! See also the lossless rotation apps page for more solutions (jpegtran Frontends "FotoView" from Martin Pola and "JPEGCrops" from Toke Eskildsen).

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