Cafezee 3.9

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  Elixir India
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  Cafezee  EXCELENT AWARD Remotely start a session, close session, restart and shutdown the client computers from the server.
-Supports Multiple languages including customizable dialogs and captions through the "Custom Language" feature.
-Monitors the Bandwidth used by computers and warns the user/staff of excess bandwidth usage.
-Supports multiple ways of charging for computer usage including complex postpaid schemes, prepaid codes/tickets and prepaid members.
-Prevents maintenance headaches by securing the computers. Various levels of security settings can be achieved.
-Staff/employee management is made easy by providing various rights/restrictions for each member.
-A wide range of reports are available that not only help to monitor and control the Internet cafe, but also to analyse and improve the business.
-Records other sales and purchases thus making it easy to manage the value-added services in the Internet cafe.
-Offers convenience to customers by providing chat and request services interfaces in the client software.

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