VROOM 1.8 details
 DG Merritt
 6.64 MB
 Operating System:
 Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows2000
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 VROOM description

  VROOM  EXCELENT AWARD VROOM (Versatile Read-Only Oracle Monitor) is a cross-platform performance monitor for Oracle databases. VROOM provides a graphical interface to much of the information stored in the Oracle data dictionary. VROOM checks your databases at startup and visually indicates database status on the main VROOM console. For Unix/Linux server platforms, VROOM also provides CPU and disk metrics. Although it has many features that are useful to database administrators, it is aimed at technical managers, who need a rapid graphical overview of the status of enterprise databases. VROOM includes extensive reporting capabilities -- over 40+ detailed management reports can be generated and printed, documenting key aspects of database and server performance, as well as query and object tuning. In addition to many clear, color-coded graphs and grids, VROOM includes context-sensitive right-click help for most Oracle tuning features. New to version 1.8, VROOM can generate Entity-Relationship (E/R) Diagrams, clarifying table relationships. Unlike many database monitoring programs, VROOM does not require ODBC or JDBC drivers to connect to databases. Extensively documented, it is designed to facilitate communications between end-users and database administrators. A 150+ page user manual in PDF format is downloadable from the product website. VROOM runs on Windows 98 and higher. It provides version-specific metrics for Oracle 7.3 and above, on Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms.

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