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  360 Product Viewer  EXCELENT AWARD RotaryView online 360 product viewer Platform Moving in the three-dimensional and interactive era, and as the need mounts to find effective ways to attract more and more online sales, RotaryView supplies a revolutionary platform that allows the user to create 360 ?degree spectacular rotating views and online presentations. This enables the viewer to rotate the product at 360 degrees and examine the product from all angles, increasing online sales. The platform is intended for users who are not familiar with writing code and the system is very simple to operate, so 360 degree product photography is accessible to all photographers and any e-commerce site. RotaryView combines many online marketing and social tools together, such as sending products via e-mail, viral distribution through social networking sites, links to sales pages, adding the store's logo, and much more. To webmasters it is exciting for two main reasons. The sequences of files or photographs are stored on the RotaryView servers, resulting in no extra load on their own servers, and it is incredibly simple to implement Rotary Views into an existing website. The platform is innovative and refreshing news for E-Commerce, for the first time users are able to create a significant advantage over their online competitors. Furthermore the system has several features that make it a game changer in online 360 degree photography. For instance, the friendly to use graphic user interface, and the lack of knowledge in code writing or programming required. All you need to do is upload your 360 photo sequence and watch your online sales grow High accessibility to the platform allows the user to access and upload new 360 product photos from anywhere in the world and from any device RotaryView Show More, Sell more

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