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There are some of the most attractive locations in Stockholm which can be a great thrilling idea to go with in terms of your. One can visit the Iron Square which can be listed as the second oldest square situated right in Stockholm as well as can be dated back to the 1300s. the location of the Merchant’s Square has its significance in the manner of the thoroughfare of two main squares which also has a structure of the “Sankt Göranochdraken”.

 Free Tour Stockholm

Top attractions of Stockholm

  • One can choose to hit the Royal Palace. This is the Official residence which can actually prove to be the major royal palace as work as holds a sign with the Swedish monarch.
  • the next attractive site is the Great Church. This is something which can also be considered to be the oldest church as a well significant point on Gamla Stan which was founded in the 13th century.
  • One can choose to hit the location of Big Square. This is something which can be considered to be the oldest square located in Stockholm. This is the site which can come up as the heart of Gamla Stan
  • Another hit location is the Nobel Museum. This is the museum which is devoted to the circulation of information on the Nobel Prize as well as has plenty of information.
  • another perfect attractive site is the Priest’s Street. This can actually prove to be the Home to “Rune Stone” which was an attraction right from the 1000’s as well as js 200 years older.
  • One can choose to go with the House of Nobility. It has been always regarded as the aristocracy which can actually hold its significance with the meetings of parliament.
  • the other choice is the Riddarholm Church. the site is a famous one in the form of the burial church which can be a significant spot for the Swedish monarchs as well as is the oldest church in Stockholm.
  • One can choose to go with Birger Jarls Square. This can be considered as the square which is totally traditionally attributed to the founder of Stockholm


Another location is the Iron Boy. This can be a significant spot with the significance of the “little boy who looks at the moon”. This is a special Fifteen centimetres high it is the smallest public statue in Stockholm. The Free Tour Stockholm is a thrilling idea.

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