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Software testing is the process of dynamic verification for software in a finite set of test cases. It is selected from infinite domain executions against the expected behavior. They are a series of activities that are carried out with the purpose of finding possible failures within the implementation, quality or usability of that program. It is actually a process of testing the software behavior. Read the articles of Andy Dassan, if you want to know about software quality assurance in detail.

Testing is a process that focuses on internal logic of the software and external functions. The process is done through white box and black box testing to make complete review of testing. It is a process of executing a program with the intention of discovering error, it cannot ensure the solution for defects; it can only show that there are defects in the software. Today we are going to talk about some top software testing service provider companies available in the market.


If you want to get satisfied with software testing service, then DeviQA is the right option for you. This well-known brand has experience for decades in this field. With more than hundred engineers, this company has served for around three hundred clients. They provide API testing, automation testing, web automation testing, performance testing, mobile testing and many other testing services for the clients.


If you are looking for a certified software testing company, then you can go for QArea. This company has won ‘The Top IT Outsourcing Company 2017’, ‘The Golden bridge Awards 2018’, ‘DevOps Industry Awards 2018 – Finalist’, ’25 most recommended Quality Assurance Service Providers 2016’, ‘Top Software Development Agency 2018’ and many other awards. They will help you for any sort of development project so that you do not have to worry.

Software Companies


Abstracta is a software testing company which is known for flexibility, work ethics and cost- effectiveness. They have worked for some famous brands like GeneXus, Blazemeter, CA Technologies, Santander, Shutterfly and so on.


If you are looking for expert software testing company, you can choose BugRaptors. The company provides both manual and automated software testing service for all applications. They are well-renowned for their services in America, Europe and Asia. So, if you want to get involved with a global leader then BugRaptors is the right choice for you.


The quality of a service provider can understand by the reviews. Cigniti is one of the best software testing companies in market with largest positive reviews from each of their customers. They believe that IP led testing is the future of Software testing.

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