The four biggest technology trends in 2019 that you must know

technology trends

We are on the verge of having another technological breakthrough that will mark another era that we will forever remember. If you would notice, 2019 have already set a lot of new technological advancements in the consumer market through disruptive technology trends that will shape the devices that we are currently using in the next few years.

It will accelerate and also transform a lot of industries in a faster pace throughout the entire year, and will also shape the world and its future on a better horizon driven towards progress for business and consumers.

The technological advancement that we enjoy today have already existed a few years ago, but it was improved tremendously this year which is mainly focused on the intelligent digital mesh which covers up interconnectivity between humans, artificial intelligence (robots), electronic devices, content, and the services which are driven to undergo a digital transformation. Disruptive technology trends will surely catapult the future wherein the technological innovation is set to evolve and change at the same fast-paced movement of what is trending right now, or it will be left behind and will slowly become obsolete eventually.

Perhaps, one of the best technological trends that earned a lot of positive reviews this year is 5G technology. Without 5G technology, it would be impossible for an interconnected communication between electronic devices, autonomous vehicles, drones, and a faster internet connection. Aside from the 5G technology here are some of the technological advancement that the world is enjoying in 2019 listed below.

technology trends

  1. Smart cars- A lot of car brands nowadays are in stiff competition to come up with the best machine learning technology by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is mainly focused on auto-drive. Soon, these prototypes that you have seen getting viral in social media can drive you home. Before, it was a farfetched dream for many car manufacturers, but the AI innovations will surely continue to create scientific breakthroughs, in part, thanks to the enormous amounts of data that these new technological trends have been used and are always available.
  2. Supercomputing- Known also as quantum computing, is an emerging technological breakthrough which has made its way into the limelight this 2019. According to its researchers, they are highly fascinated with this because of its ability to process and analyze data which amount is unimaginable. Its great computational power quantum computers are planned to be in the form of a cloud service if it reaches the consumer market. IBM is in the frontline of developing supercomputers which hopefully would be available in the next few years.
  3. Virtual Reality (VR)- Although VR is already introduced a few years ago, its usability and its popularity have been truly felt this year which is leaned towards entertainment purposes. VR is mainly used for more interactive video gaming, video streaming, and a lot more.
  4. Internet of Things (IoT)- As cybersecurity continues to ramp up its capabilities, hackers are also constantly finding any weak spots they can exploit in breaching a system. 2019 has been the pivotal year of IoT manufacturers and its supply chain to tremendously improve the security in all of its products that are now available in the market. The security system which was only exclusive to the internet can now be used in electronic devices, appliances, health trackers, and even vehicles. For more topics related to this one, click on this link

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