Reasons Why HTTPS is Important for Website


In every passing day, the internet is becoming more and more reliable for the users. But the internet is more than just using for the listening music and surfing net. The Internet is used for promoting the business and business website because in the modern era every individual use the internet platform and it is the ultimate way to advertise the business on the internet. But there are also some risk and threat of using the internet platform for promoting the business website. The web hackers can easily hack the website and contain the entire information about the business.


If you want to secure your website from the hackers, then you must use the HTTPS instead of HTTP. But at first, you must know about What is HTTPS? The HTTPS offer the secure connection between the browser and web serves which helps in protecting the website from the hackers. The customer information is very important for the business website. The HTTPS protects the personal customer details like a credit card, debit card and net banking details from theft.

Reasons for using HTTPS on the website:

  • Increased search engine rankings (Google): For every website, their main aim is to rank on top at every first page of the search engines. More than 40% of a website on Google first page are of HTTPS not HTTP. It is not a surprise or shocked because Google confirmed that they would give favor to that website that has HTTPS instead of HTTP. Google only shows the website which has good experience for the customers and has a reliable platform to use instead of an insecure network.
  • Website security: There is only one reason why Google give favor to the HTTPS website because they want to give the safest internet and web experiences to the existing users and new users. In every 39 seconds, a cyber attack occurs on the website, and more than 43% of cyber attacks are an n small business website which doesn’t use the HTTPS in their website URL. Google uses the unique algorithm which helps in ranking the website according to the user experience and HTTPS version. The HTTPS version helps in protecting the business information, user information from the hackers.
  • Customer confidence towards website: Internet is the vast platform which is used for completing the different tasks. Most of the internet users need a secure website which is reliable to use and give the best user experience. The secure network of the website gives the users or customer peace of mind while visiting the website. The HTTPS website is a secured website to visit instead of HTTP because the single letter “S” stands for the security and What is HTTPS is all about.

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