How do mobile signal booster works?

o2 signal booster

Signal booster has the major role of pulling out weak signal and boosting it for the strengthening purpose. Even if you want to broadcast over a particular area, it can be made through signal booster usage. In certain space like garage or any interior space around the residential area, signal strength will be usually low. It can be strengthened with this kind of mobile signal booster. The common signal booster is designed with three major parts. They are

Outside antenna

The antenna is designed to capture the weak signal and it is the major part in signal booster. This is mounted over the roof and designed to pull put weak signal which is categorized into two types. They are

    • Omni directional antenna – the categorization is based on the degree of signal grasping. This grasps 360o angle and captures every weak signal around the area. This type is used to boost multiple carriers and people prefer this kind of signal access to get super good signal strength.
    • Unidirectional antenna – This captures over a 45o signal vision and it helps in reaching out specialized performance through poor signal and boost single carrier option.


It is the next major component where cell signal booster is accompanied with pulled in signal and sent to amplifier for boosting. This is called as repeater which repeats back the weak signal to be strong radio spectrum. The signal level is taken in the measurement of dB and the reading is considered to be closer around best reading signal. While choosing a amplifier, it is better to consider a better repeater with high dB, preferable minimum of 25 dB to the maximum of 60 dB. When you check with o2 signal booster, the potential benefit of signals can be understood deeply.

o2 signal boosterInside antenna

Final major part with signal booster is the inside antenna. It receives the signal boosted from amplifier and sends it back to the mobile device for rebroadcast. The antenna is designed in two different varieties. They are

    • Panel antenna – This is wall mounted and broadcast strongest signal to its closest areas.
    • Dome antenna – It is mounted on ceiling and the signal distribution is equal over the nearby areas.

The mobile signal booster working is simple and people prefer it for their better access with device usage.

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