Keeping a good track on the donation pledges

donation pledges

About the fundraising campaigns

Fundraising is the process of gathering voluntary contributions in terms of money and other resources via online campaigns, donation pledges, door-to-door collections, charitable foundations and many more. It can be done for a multitude of purposes, starting from setting up of new businesses, relief funding for some natural calamity, aiding in the medical treatment of marginalized sections and many more. With the age of internet knocking at everyone’s doorsteps, it is now very easy to create online campaigns for pledge donations via non-profit CRM software and hence this article further elucidates on the same.

Features for these software

The following are the ideal features of the CRM software that can be used to create the different types of campaigns for the donation pledges: –

  • Getting the required resources via the online forms that are very simple-to-use and highly customizable, in order to keep the track of the records of the donors
  • Option for targeting regular donors for any form of a further donation to the organization at the times of the needs
  • Offering the required services for designing of the fundraising website that can speak further about the organization and highlight its cause for the same
  • Easy tracking of the annual events via the customized calendars, in order to benefit the host organization
  • Extension to even the app versions for the purpose of the donation pledges

fundraising campaigns

Additional options on the interface

The following are some of the additional options that can be availed on the fundraising page in order to have a better track record of the donors: –

  • Donor CRM that can keep healthy relationships with the regular donors and hence create the required bridge for earning future donations also
  • Donation analytics in order to judge the performance of the drive and the behavior shown by the donors
  • A donation management tool, in order to have a dynamic analysis of the funds received via the campaign
  • Automated emails that can update the prospective audience on the purpose of the campaign and can send encouragement to them

Choosing the best

Following are certain factors that need to be considered for the selection of a CRM software: –

  • Good experience with the creation of previous campaign pages
  • Having dynamic templates that can make both the app as well the website lively
  • The economic cost of charging from the clients to enhance the affordability
  • Good star ratings from the previous clients
  • Good dynamism in terms of the donation pledges offered via these campaigns

Hence, in a nutshell, it can be concluded on the importance of selecting the ideal and best CRM software that can offer the desired results to the clients.

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