What You Need to Know About Marquis Reagent Kits

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There are tests that can help detect illicit substances that are not safe for your health. You can consider reagent tests, which also gives you the assurance that everything in the label is correct – as the provider claims it to be.

There are different types of reagent tests but the most common one is the marquis reagent test kit. Before using the Marquis Reagent test kit, here are the things you should know about it:

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How this test works

You must know that the Marquis Reagent test kit is your first step to testing MDMA – a psychoactive substance. To understand the test better, you should know how it works. It is important to note that this test kit is used to look for the presence of particular substances.

Basically, the test will change color according to what it detects in the sample. The Marquis reagent test kits react to MDMA, amphetamine, methamphetamine, heroin, morphine, codeine, methylone, mescaline, oxycodone, DXM, Ritalin, Aspirin, and Sugar. This test will not react to PMMA, cocaine, ketamine, and other substances.

Remember that the Marquis Reagent kits will not differentiate between MDMA, MBDB, and MDE. With this, you have to submit it for additional tests to determine the specific ingredient.

How to use a test kit

You can personally perform the test to give you instant results. Instructions are the following:

  • Open the bottle: you need to carefully open the sealed cap.
  • Load the substance: you will notice a mini tester spoon provided in the package. You use this spoon when loading the substance – at least 0.010 t0 0.005 grams. You need to load it into the testing vile.
  • Add reagent: adding reagent is fun. You just need to put one or two drops of the Marquis Reagent unto the testing vile where the substance is.
  • Closely watch the reaction: the next thing to do is carefully watch the reaction. You have to particularly consider three things – the re-action time, fizzing or smoking and the color changes.
  • Check the color chart: the final step is referring to the color reaction chart provided. This is the most crucial part because it can help you determine if MDMA is present in the substance.

How to handle and store

When it comes to handling and storage, you should remember the following:

  • You need to wear gloves when rinsing the testing vile as well as the mini tester spoon. It should be rinsed with soap and water.
  • Once done, you should make sure that the bottle cap is tightly closed. This is to make sure that there is no leakage and unnecessary exposure.
  • Finally, you have to avoid storing it in places with high temperatures and under direct sunlight. Proper storage is crucial because these factors can degrade the Marquis reagent as well as reduce its shelf life.

There are many kit manufacturers out there, which make things confusing. However, you just have to stick with research to find the right one. You need to read the reviews and check the reputation of the kit manufacturer before you settle.

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