Top most secrets behind the XDS e-Cruz Bike

xds bikes

The Xds Bicycle Company is always expanding and innovating, the XDS e-Cruz bike being an example. This battery powered e-bike is very comfortable to ride, and affordable too. Super healthy riding never got better than by this XDS bike. Somebody may argue that this bike is not good for the environment, given that it uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. True, but the manufacturer is very conscious of environmental degradation, and has reduced the batteries environmental impact as much as possible.

xds bikes

Lifestyle Advantage

All Xds bikes are purposefully designed to meet certain expectations of different gender and age groups. The e-bike, for example, is about lifestyle. It comes with numerous advantages worth considering. Think of doing a round of cycling without the need for a breathalyzer. Imagine the ease of maneuvering easily through traffic, and then doing rock-star parking. The impressive Cruz utilizes the Bafang battery system, which makes it quite cheap. This wouldn’t be the case if XDS had employed the Bosch system of Germany or Japan’s Shimano system.

The Bafang Md-Drive System

With this system, the bicycle is powered at the cranks, as opposed to the wheels. The advantages here include better distribution of weight on the bike, especially where the battery is positioned at the center like it is with e-Cruz. The system is also given to the more efficient generation of power. This because the motor powers the chain, taking advantage of its gears.

The Bafang battery is capable of 250 watts and a maximum speed of 25 km/h, which can be raised to 35Km/h for a better cruise through traffic.

How e-Zine Systems Work

E-bike systems work by generating more power commensurate to the riders own power generated by pedaling. The faster you ride, the more the power it generates. The slower you pedal, the less the power it generates. As for this XDS bike, the motor responds with the slightest push on the pedals. Riders who don’t like this fast response may have it adjusted to slow it down, at least for a smoother take off.

The Bottomline

The XDS e-Bike is designed to give you the most comfortable ride possible, whether you are riding on flat or hilly terrain. Besides having high torque and being affordable the XDS e-Cruz bike is also easily repairable. This alone lifts it above Shimano, and Bosch, which demand replacement of damaged parts at the expense of servicing them.

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