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Owning a condo is a growing need in the modern world. However, in Singapore, condo rentals have become one of the most popular sources of income for most people. Condos, or apartments, are excellent. As more people become Singaporeevery year, a building with several apartments is an excellent way to create homes for many people at the same time. If you rent one of them, a factor like the insurance policy of the condominium association of Singapore, will be very interesting for you.

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Condo association insurance policy

A Piermont Grand Brochure condo association insurance policy in Singapore, protects the apartment owner and the owner’s needs. Here furniture and other things in the apartment are not covered. It is covered by a home insurance policy. It is imperative that you carefully check what is covered by the condo association insurance policy before buying it. If you cover it for most needs that meet your criteria, then it is not necessary to issue a separate homeowner’s insurance policy. As a general rule, the condominium association insurance policy covers the entire apartment that was originally built. If your condominium is damaged in any way, this policy covers it. However, some rules only cover the roof, walls and floors. All other things, such as electrical and plumbing installations, are your responsibility.


Therefore, if you have adequate insurance for your condo, you should read all the conditions that apply to it. There are many agents who can help you with information about the conditions of the insurance policies of the condominium association in Singapore, but sometimes you can lose some of the most valuable tips. This is where self-search is recommended. All you need to do is conduct a good online research on this insurance policy. The development of the Internet has definitely made life much easier and more comfortable when it comes to such things. Therefore, you can go through all the points when you need it, without experiencing the hassle of revisiting the agent. The best part is that you can do all this while enjoying the comfort of your home.

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