Secrets of GTA V That You Did Not Know

gta v android

If yesterday we approached the craziest branch of Gta 5 mobile and advantage of its launch for PC, today we have to avail the great benefits that its immense mapping, Undoubtedly, t it promises to cross us with surprises like the ones you will find below.

Legendary monsters, developer winks, Easter eggs and, above all, enough bad milk for Rockstar lawyers to work full time to dodge all the bullets they should end up receiving. Laughter and faces of amazement with these curiosities and secrets of ‘GTA V’ that (maybe) you did not know. Of course, if you didn’t know them, it is a spoiler.

gta v android

The Bigfoot was a hoax classic from ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’, so it was clear that on the return to Los Santos it was going to be a fairly recurring myth. Exploring you will not find any, but you may encounter a ghost that gives more laughter than fear. What matters is the intention.

Thelma & Louise

Winks like Thelma & Louise’s is the perfect strategy to get the public in your pocket, and although there are probably more amazing secrets, it is certainly one of my favorites. Not every day you see two NPCs escaping from the police and throwing themselves off a cliff.

Frozen alien

Just start the game and give you the opportunity to see a frozen alien already says a lot about the rhythm of ‘GTA V’ when it is taken very little seriously and exploit every corner of your stage to the fullest. You probably won’t see it the first time you take the game, but you will have an excuse to repeat the first mission.

Walking along the street and crossing a zombie that really only aspires to win a position at the ‘Puerta del Sol’ or the ‘Rambla de Canaletas’ is one of those things that only happen in a game like this. I could be there static and would already have his grace, but until you are allowed to talk to him you are not before the Rockstar seal.

The Rockstar FPS

What if  Rockstar decided to leave the sandboxes and the third-person action to create a ‘Call of Duty’ FPS? Well, we have already seen what they are capable of seeing in the first person, but if one day they give free rein to their imagination, we will probably find jewelry like this.

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